Have you noticed that you often come across people whom you take an instant liking to and others whom you instinctively dislike? The person may be a new teacher, a new student in your class or someone you meet randomly in a social gathering. We focus on Personality Traits Which Make People Magnetic so they can showcase their talent. We some one personality puts a good impact during the interview then he got a high paid job

What are the character qualities which make a few people attractive and the others terrible? This is a question you ought to frequently pose to yourself and distinctly watch the characteristics which are the establishments of popular people. The manner in which you act in the organization, the language you use, your general mentality and the organization you keep are large segments of your character.

The facts demonstrate that a few people are brought into the world with characteristic allure, an appeal which is God-gifted. These blessed ones increase notoriety without a lot of exertion and are constantly welcome among loved ones. A strong will and honest efforts will always be helpful to add a particular charm to our personality.

This doesn’t imply that those of us who don’t have a characteristic intrigue can never have affable qualities. We just need to know the fields we need to take a shot at and embrace the attributes which are the segments of an amiable individual. A solid will and legitimate endeavours will consistently be useful to add a specific appeal to our character.

What makes a person magnetic

Here are some tips which I think will be helpful to my young friends, to have a clear idea about the do’s and don’ts if you want to perk up your personality

Personality Traits Which Make People Magnetic

1) Always Keep a Smiling Demeanour

All of us have problems in life, either big or small. There are times when we are stuck in an uncomfortable situation or company. By keeping your smile intact, you can easily steer away from these circumstances. A sulk or scowl will never help you in difficult times, nor will it add to the charm of your personality.

2) Appreciate and Praise the People Around You

A kind word of praise for a sibling who has done well in his class test or an acknowledgement of appreciation to a friend who has helped you in studies will make you more likeable in their eyes. When you go to visit relatives, praising their home, décor, garden or even the refreshments they serve, will endear you to their hearts.

3) Always be Polite and Considerate

Good manners are always endearing. Offering your seat to an elder, helping a haggard mother with small children in a supermarket, by offering to push their cart for them, or an act as simple as holding the door for a person who is entering a room or elevator just after you, will make your personality likeable in a moment. People with likeable personalities are quick to note goodness in others and also love to praise it.

4) Be a Good Listener

Most of us like to speak more than we like to listen. Always be ready to listen quietly when someone is sharing his woes, and give your advice only if it is asked for. Often, unwinding ourselves in front of someone who cares to listen becomes a major part of solving a difficult situation. People usually like to share their problems with those who listen with compassion and without interrupting.

To enhance your personality in a positive manner, always try to be a good listener. Always be polite in an argument or discussion, and never scoff at anyone’s views. People who have a well-balanced and polished personality always chose to avoid any such confrontations. Take part in a discussion only when you know your facts right, or else listen quietly to add to your knowledge.

5) Be Responsible

Try to acknowledge obligations and make it a test to satisfy them. Little acts today will turn into your propensities tomorrow, so to clean your character consistently be consistent with your promise.

6) Be Positive

A positive human being emanates great vibes and individuals generally feel good in his organization. If you are constantly positive, loved ones will ask your opinion when they face an issue. We all need to avoid contrary individuals since they set aside no effort to illustrate each circumstance. To build up a solid character, consistently think positive and talk positive.

7) Avoid Needless Criticism

There are some people who just like to criticise others. They will disapprove of your school, your grades, the clothes you wear, the way you talk and at times even your friends. You should be careful from such an unfortunate propensity. If you are not happy with somebody, avoid him. In the event that this can’t, converse with him about what upsets you in an amiable way and in a suitable circumstance. Be mindful so as to pick words which won’t hurt his sense of self or dignity.

8) Never Gossip

It has become a common social norm that when a few of us meet up, we talk negatively of the person who is not present. This is not a quality of a person with a good character. Even if we know the weaknesses of a friend or relative, we should not discuss them with others, as this useless discussion will do neither of you any good.

9) Be Quick to Forgive and Forget

This is perhaps the most daunting task for most people, but a very important quality of a strong personality. If someone treats you ill, or hurts you, you only upset yourself more by hovering on that damage. Holding grudges will make you irritable and moody.

The best way to get over negative feelings is to find means to keep yourself busy. This will help you to forget about the hurt and move on in life. Always remember that bad experiences can either break you or make you. Your quality to forgive and forget will make you an admirable person for all.

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