If you are looking Highest Paid Jobs In Pakistan then you are right place We are ruined by decisions when it comes to picking a profession. There are a lot of vocation choices, some of our optimal occupations, and some financially encouraging. But picking a career that guarantees financial strength, professional satisfaction, development, and progress, and suits our performance and aptitudes is the way to progress.

Top Versatile Degrees for Flexible Careers

Self- exploration is essential for making the right career decision. Knowing your inclinations, aptitudes, weaknesses, abilities, and limitations is critical for picking the profession as indicated by your personality. Passion and interest for your occupation will empower you to work hard towards accomplishing career goals.

Every year thousands of students graduate from public and private universities of Pakistan and entered the job market, but the majority of them face difficulties for the best job match that may earn them a handsome livelihood.

Interview Tips That’ll Land You Your Next Job

Most of the fresh graduates look for jobs which are as per their abilities and qualifications but they need to hang tight for quite a while from the employers’ reaction which is very humiliating.

Before talking about the most Highest Paid Jobs In Pakistan, let’s take a bird view on the relevant demographics of Pakistan for better understanding.

  • Currently, the Population of Pakistan is around 216,565,318 in 2019 with a growth rate of 2.04% which indicates that the population of Pakistan will increase in the future. New problems will arise and to resolve those issues, new business, as well as employment opportunities, will also arise in the future.
  • Literacy Rate as per the total population is around 58%.
  • Labor force by occupation is estimated to be Agriculture: 43.7%, Industry: 22.4%, and Services: 33.9% in the fiscal year 2013.

Are you a fresh graduate and looking for the best paying jobs in Pakistan in 2020? If indeed, here is the list of most lucrative jobs in Pakistan which might be useful for you to secure your ideal position.

Highest Paid Jobs In Pakistan

1) IT Professional

Information Technology is a rising industry everywhere throughout the world. It contributes to each sector and is a basic part of the considerable number of organizations. There is an extraordinary interest for IT professionals everywhere throughout the world.

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To turn into a software engineer you should have a grip on Mathematics. Software engineers need to know a couple of fundamental programming dialects like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python. After your Intermediate, you can begin your Bachelors’s program in Computer sciences and afterward move onto a Master’s degree.

Subsequent to doing your master degree you can work as a software engineer, network engineer, systems analyst, IT consultant, web designer/developer, etc. In Pakistan, the salary ranges for MCS ranges from Rs.50, 000 to 500,000 per month.

2) Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountancy is viewed as the top profession since it offers an exceptionally paying employment opportunity. To turn into a chartered accountant it requires at least 4.5 long periods of CA course gave all tests are cleared in the first endeavor. You can enlist for CA Foundation after the tenth class. After twelfth class the foundation test can be taken, when this test is cleared you can appear for Intermediate level after right around 1 year. In the wake of clearing Intermediate level 3 years of Articleship (internship) is required.

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After this period you need to appear in CA final to get the CA Title. The subjects that you should be strong at are Accounts, Mathematics, and Economics. After doing your CA you will be able to analyze and interpret business problems and develop solutions. In Pakistan, the salaries for CA certified start from Rs. 75,000 and go up to 500,000 per month.

3) Creative Designer

To be a creative designer is the Highest Paid Jobs In Pakistan. the primary thing that you will require is the creativity inside you. This profession is picking up fame on the corporate level since all organizations should be promoted on print media just as social media and the internet. You should have a degree in Creative and Graphics Designing and other visual art subjects.

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To gain a job, you will likewise need to have a portfolio to show your inventiveness or some significant work as a test. This work doesn’t confine you to a professionally earned degree since it requires expertise on the application that you work on and a very creative mind. As a creative designer, you will present new and smart logos, website designs and models, etc. The salary ranges from Rs.15,000 – 80,000 per month

4) Marketing Manager

Although it is the persuading personality regarding an individual that can generate deals, a PROPER business degree can polish the qualities and make you an expert at what you already possess. A business professional should likewise have the option to analyses issues and think of possible solutions. A marketing plan requires information on the market and pattern of open. To study the marketing management program you have to gain a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The master’s program is taken up after the bachelor’s degree. In Pakistan, a Marketing Manager earns from Rs. 30,000 up to 200,000 per month.

5) HR Manager

To become an HR manager, you will require a degree of bachelor level and in better cases on the Masters’s level. You can likewise have a Degree in Business Administration to excel in this field.

highest paid jobs in pakistan

A human resource manager must have great correspondence and critical thinking expertise because your immediate contact will be with the employees of the company. You will be liable for a meeting, recruiting, and position of the workers with the goal that the organization functions productively and successfully. The pay ranges from Rs.35,000 – 150,000 every month.

6) University Lecturer

A university lecturer is also a growing trend nowadays since it offers good pay. However to become a speaker you should be well qualified in your subject. Whatever subject of specialization you pick, it is better to have at least a master’s degree in it. Having a Ph.D. is a plus. To become a lecturer it is essential to have teaching aptitudes along with the ability and drive to research for the latest in your area of specialization. The salary ranges from Rs.30, 000 – 150,000 per month.

Apart from all these, there are many different professions which can be taken up and are very well paying too, some of which are, doctors, lawyers, armed forces, pharmacists, architects, and many more. You have to pick a profession that is just right for you, the one that you enjoy doing. The last word is that “hard work pays”.

All these jobs opportunities provide the Highest Paid Jobs In Pakistan but for getting these jobs we worked hard and focus on the skill polish so when we come out in practical life its becomes easy for us.