What makes you happy? Brings you joy or fills your heart with a sense of overflowing appreciation? What pushes your buttons? Makes you angry, upset, annoyed or frustrated and we don’t know about Discover and Honor Your Core Values?

Answering above questions will assist you with raising your mindfulness about your own qualities. In self-awareness, values aren’t the ethics or moral principles we have come to ‘concede to’ in the public eye. At the point when an individual is asked what their qualities are, they can regularly shoot off common, high level terms: trustworthiness, difficult work, equity, opportunity, and so on.

What are Values and Why are They Important?

In the field of life training and self-awareness, values are the things that matter most to an individual – the things and methods for being they love most. They are the individual, cozy, checks, signs or inside indicators of what’s extremely essential to an individual and what isn’t.

Before discovering and beginning a life of honoring one’s values, they can be very hard to articulate but they are always something we feel inside, they resonate within us. Despite the fact that we may share numerous qualities in common, every individual has one of a kind arrangement of the things they esteem most and a remarkable way for how those qualities resound inside them.

Explaining our qualities and starting to live in arrangement with them brings a plenitude of advantages. For instance, life becomes more fulfilling, more meaningful and more joyous, and over time, it reduces stress, frustration, resentment, guilt, shame and anger. Sounds like a good thing to get clear on, doesn’t it?

When I write “happy and successful on all levels of life,” I mean just that. Your personal and professional lives make up the whole of you. If you put most of your time and energy on one area, you run the risk of leaving the other unfulfilled. This is especially common among high achievers—perhaps you, dear reader.

Someone once said, “Hectic minds create a hectic world.” Every now and then, we just have to stop the hectic world and get off for a while. We must never be too busy to take time out from our job and experience other valued parts of ourselves that are so often buried and yearning to be expressed. When our jobs consume us, eventually, in one form or another, there will be a price to pay. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t love what we are doing for a living. In fact, it’s important that we do. And it is essential that we devote quality time toward our job. The problem arises when what we do for a living interferes with our other precious core values.

Below are some examples of cherished values that are often neglected or buried because of our jobs:

  • Spending more time with my family
  • Taking a weekend off from work, without interruption and free from emails, cell phones and text messages. 
  • Doing the things that connect me to my spirit. .

Discover and Honor Your Core Values?

I have found that one of the best ways to begin raising awareness about your values is by identifying the last time you got extremely upset with a person or a situation, perhaps you had an argument or a fight. What was it about? What was going on for you? I’m not asking for the surface details – I’m asking you to go deeper and uncover what buttons were being pushed within you?

The truth is, most people aren’t fully aware of their values and they don’t honor them as much as they could. People have an uncanny ability to bear a huge amount of discord and disharmony and carry a lot of pain – because on some level they believe that’s just the way it is. They aren’t clear about their values and how important it is to Value your Values – to honor them – to live life in alignment with them.

Even if they are somewhat clear about their values, they don’t know how, or they lack the courage, to do anything about it. Living in alignment with your values can take you far beyond your comfort zone.

Values work is ongoing however over a moderately brief timeframe you will figure out the fact that it is so imperative to respect your qualities – and furthermore to respect the values of others (individuals will notice and feel great in your essence). You will start making little strides towards regarding your qualities all the more completely and will witness positive changes. After some time these little advances will join to have a mind boggling and sensational impact on your life and the lives of others you interact with.

Eventually, you will come to check in with your values when making decisions and you won’t have to go the long route of over-analyzing every last detail – you’ll only have to check in with your gut and make a choice that just feels right. In Universities different classes are conducted to provide awareness about self respect.