Dissertation, financial pressure and potential unemployment post-graduation could lead a student towards University Final Year Stress. You have had it drilled into you. Every single exam, test, and grade have all been stepping stones to this last obstacle – the last year of your degree.  

Whether you are yet to encounter this concluding chapter of your university experience or are halfway through it, the words ‘stress’ and ‘lingering’ are said more times than you have had roast suppers. But what do they mean? What forms do they come in and how might you manage them?

Managing Your Mental Health after Graduation

Your last year of university won’t kill you. But it may feel that way some times. Yes, the dissertation is tough, truly, you will lose your social life, yes, it’s terrifying that the end of education is drawing nearer but it’s additionally a timeframe in which you can truly make the most of your adventures and studies, knowing it’s the last stretch. Besides, there is a definite light at the end of the tunnel – graduate life isn’t all bad!

Stress influences everybody differently, and different strategies for dealing with stress work for different people, but here’s some basic cures:

University Final Year Stress

1) Plan Your Studies

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of university work, probably the most ideal approaches to diminish stress and improve efficiency is to begin dealing with your time appropriately.  Planning every day and organizing assignments arranged by deadlines and significance will assist you to get through the mound of work you have to do. Try not to put off the work that you realize you abhor the most, tackle it first, complete it over and done with.

Another tip is to set yourself an objective and reward. Complete a specific amount of work by a specific time and once its completed reward yourself; catch up on your favorite TV show or go out for dinner.

2) Make Use of All Available Resources

You’ll never enjoy easier access to such a vast range of free resources as the ones available to you at university, so truly benefit as much as possible from it. Go to the library, read and take out the same number of books as is humanly conceivable, approach staff for help, go to drop-ins, get career support, the list goes on. There are people there to help and bolster you, you should simply acknowledge it.  

university stress management

3) Eat Healthily

This is a big one, as having a nice supper can truly have a significant effect. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to food. I never purchase frozen food and will in general go through hours in the kitchen making new suppers for me and my housemates. For a few (like me), cooking can be a true stress discharge, and a time to take a break from steady work.  

If you don’t like cooking, or basically don’t have the opportunity, simply make certain to practice good eating habits. Eating unhealthily can really make you feel 10 times worse.

4) Get Enough Sleep Each Night

Regardless of how stressed you are about a task, I can guarantee you it’s never worth losing rest over. A good night’s rest is the way to feeling less stressed, and I’d truly suggest closing off your cell phone or PC for the hour before you head to sleep, as this will help. Likewise, do whatever it takes not to accomplish any uni work with your bed, as this can make it harder to sleep as well.

5) Exercise Regularly

Consistently, ensure you get up and out of the house to take a break from work, regardless of whether it’s only a short walk around the block. We all realize the exercise spiel about how it fulfills you, so I won’t bore you. Simply try to enjoy 30 minutes of physical activity daily,  whether that’s a gym class, Pilates in your room, or early morning running. It will burn off the calories and also help with your stress.

how to deal with stress

6) Don’t Forget to Socialize

Don’t let your work devour you. Enjoy a brassy night out every now and again, go to the cafeteria with friends after the lecture, or make time to grab a coffee with your housemates occasionally. It’s significant that you permit yourself to still enjoy the social aspect of the university.

Everyone needs a break, and it’s not beneficial for anyone to be overwhelmed by work 24/7. So, treat yourself every now and then to a Netflix session, or, if you’re feeling extravagant, plan a day trip somewhere. You’ll find your work benefits tremendously from it.

7) Plan Budget and Stick to It

Don’t let money be an added stress. Budget your money from the get-go and identify your weekly allowance. I like to budget my finances in an Excel spreadsheet. 

8) Practice Mindfulness

Since stress is all to do with the mind, it’s essential to ensure you take care of your mind. Ways to do this incorporate yoga, art, exercise, reading, and meditation. Recall that you’re always more significant than your work.

Try to encircle yourself with these people, as opposed to unsupportive ones who are probably going to add to your stress.  I really hope some of these will help you with managing the University Final Year Stress. 

Good luck!