Your Brain is the Greatest Computer Ever Created I want to introduce you to with your mind, and let you realize that it is the best and most remarkable computer ever developed. No computer will ever approach the mind’s capacities.  Sometimes a

Low-Density Way of life can do for you is to develop your Innovative Insight and Internal genius. You will utilize a greater amount of your mind’s latent capacity and be equipped for taking advantage of the inborn genius inside.

But unfortunately, many people don’t use their mind’s huge processing power. Why? Since they are up to speed in a High-Density Way of life. Research has indicated that stress —which is the centre part of a High-Density Way of life—influences the mind in a negative way. Furthermore, research has indicated—that you think more smartly, focused and utilize a greater amount of your mind’s latent capacity, you are more relaxed—in other words when you are living a Low-Density way of life.

Your Brain is the Greatest Computer Ever Created

1) A Guided Tour of Your Mind

The human brain is estimated to have one trillion brain cells. We are capable of storing 280 quintillions —280,000,000,000,000,000,000—bits of memory in our brain.

A Guided Tour of Your Mind

The speed of our brain is estimated to range from 100 to 100,000 teraflops (a teraflop is one trillion flops, and a flop is the standard measure of computing speed). The world’s fastest computer operates at a speed of 100 billion flops.

We process 125 bits of data per second through our conscious mind. The unconscious mind processes billions of data per second. And our memory approaches a 100% retention rate. We remember potentially everything, although most of those memories lie in the unconscious.

2) Habits that Will Keep Your Brain Sharp

Vacations are an incredible time to relax and slow down after all the difficult work you wrap up of the year. Rest, rest and some more rest, the television and computer/mobile phone screens and television again, talking, eating and spending time with companions — these are what the special seasons are loaded up with.

In any case, do you understand that the greater part of these things don’t require any brain work not using your brain to its optimum potential means it can become rustic? As s we need exercise to keep our body fit, we additionally need to do things that help to practice the brain just as give it a power boost.

Here are more tips for keeping your mind vigilant now, and long into retirement.

3) Exercise to Strengthen the Brain

Different researches have demonstrated that physical activities including brisk walking, jogging and running improves and fortifies our body, yet additionally our brain. Exercise builds blood flow, which immerses the brain with the oxygen and supplements it needs to work at its best.

One study claims that weight practices have memory-boosting benefits, while another exploration presents that opposition activities can boost the episodic memory or the long term memory about explicit occasions. Running is considered to build an individual’s capacity to perform various tasks.

3.1 Meditation Magic

MEDITATION boosts the brain inside and out it builds the fastest memory and focuses as well as enables the brain de-stress.

Computers modeled on the human brain

Different studies have been led to decide the impact of meditation on the body and brain, and it has been discovered that mulling over ordinary premise brings numerous positive changes that decrease uneasiness and assist students to focus better and concentrate for longer, besides many other benefits

3.2 Learn a New Skill

Learning another expertise for only ten minutes daily can assist you with fighting off a psychological slide, Researches explored that learning a second language through cell phone applications or through any other way might be more viable at battling dementia than any accessible medications.

3.3 Go to Sleep Early

To prevent even more cognitive chaos, keep your sleep naturally and avoid popping sleep-aid meds.  Make it a point to log in at least seven to eight hours of shut-eye each night to help your brain recuperate and keep it functioning optimally.