Whether by choice or by decree, you are probably doing your civic duty and self-isolating in your house. Maybe that means you have to work from home, or, in worse cases, it means you are unable to go to work at all. Coronavirus bound everyone to work from home.

In the past week, our lives have changed dramatically. Weddings and international flights have been cancelled. Schools have shut down. Restaurants have closed. And, for the vast majority of us, isolation has become the new normal.

In order to contain the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus taking the world by storm, experts have begun advising people to practice something called social distancing. The term means exactly what its name implies—in order to prevent the spread of a very contagious virus, we must avoid being in close physical proximity to one another.

Research on previous pandemics has shown social distancing is incredibly impactful when it comes to containing the spread of diseases.

The World Health Organisation and medical experts advise self-isolation as the only way to stay safe during a pandemic. Therefore the federal and provincial governments ordered a partial or total lockdown in the provinces as they thought this was the best way to handle the situation. Unfortunately, people have not displayed the maturity expected of responsible citizens.

For the sake of the country’s greater good, everyone needs to obey the government’s directives on staying safe. The repercussions otherwise would not be different from Italy and Iran. People need to stay at home and follow the directives of the authorities.

What is Social Distancing?

Bored during quarantine

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus, it is suggested to stay at least six feet away from each other to lessen chances of catching the infectious disease. Social distancing means deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading the virus.

Some of the most practical and famous ways to create social distance include working from home, closing schools or switching to online classes, staying indoors, limiting visitors and avoiding hugging people and shaking hands.

And the best (and only) way to create social distance is by staying at home, and for the first time in our lives, we can save the world by doing just that. We’ll be the most incompetent generation if we mess this up. But social distancing does not necessarily mean we lock ourselves in our rooms and end it there.

 For those looking to utilise this time the right way, here are some suggestions:


1) Distance Physically — Not Mentally

One of the biggest arguments, when social distancing came up, was how do you maintain mental health? It’s human nature to meet and connect with others. There’s also another argument that questions why this distancing is called social distancing in the first place and not physical distancing?

In times like these, social connections are needed more than ever. Therefore, reach out to others, take the initiative — drop a message, call a friend and connect with your loved ones virtually. Make a WhatsApp group or a video conference call and remember that we’re all in this together with just some more time on our hands.

2) Learn a New Skill

Recall all the times when you would tell yourself you’ll learn a new language or graphic designing once you get some time. Well, now is the time. Think of the next few weeks as an opportunity from the universe to do what you always wanted to but never had the time.

3) Organise Your Home

Since we are all stuck at home for the next few weeks, it’s also a great idea to be productive while at it and organise our homes. We all have a cluttered wardrobe or a store with things we don’t need. What’s a better time to de-clutter, organise and perhaps let go of something you don’t need anymore?

4) Read a Book

How often have you said you wanted to read more, but you didn’t have the time? On the bright side of all of this, you’ve just been granted nothing but time! So set aside a block of it each day to read a book.

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If you usually read, say, mystery novels, but you’ve always wanted to read more personal development books or one on a certain topic you’re curious about, try swapping your “easy” reads for something deeper, but still enjoyable.

5) Exercise at Home

Going to the gym may not be a great option right now, and you may not have exercise equipment or dumbbells at home. Don’t worry, though, because there are plenty of ways to stay in shape without weights. The important thing is that you keep moving, get your blood pumping and sweat as much as you can. This will benefit your mind and body equally.