Our complete blog focuses on Will Pakistan Endure the Ramifications of COVID-19? Soon after official health authorities confirmed coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan, panic surged among nation and people has set their eyes on the government of Pakistan for proper measures to prevent virus spread.  In wake of corona pandemic, Pakistan shut all its schools and land borders and decided to limit international flights and discourage large gatherings to try to halt the spread of the coronavirus.  

Experts state the coronavirus cases in Pakistan are consistently getting pace, yet the specialists and the ordinary citizens appear to be trifling with the issue. As life returns to semi-normalcy with the easing of lockdown by the government, there is uplifted worry that Pakistan might be opening up too early and excessively quick and pushing strategy inadvertently towards ‘herd immunity’ against Covid-19.

Pakistan on May 11 additionally relaxed coronavirus limitation to open little markets and shops across the country despite a sharp ascent in cases. As indicated by authorities, all the little markets, shops, and allied industries of the construction sector opened today under a central government declaration a week ago.

It’s worth mentioning here that the majority of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan are of pilgrims who came back to Pakistan from Iran. The Baluchistan government “isolated” them at Taftan border with Iran, however health specialists asserted that they were gravely mishandled by the authorities.

Will Pakistan Endure the Ramifications of COVID-19?

Pakistan’s Health Ministry has given directions for the majority on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus The administration has asked people to maintain a strategic distance from open gatherings , wash hands consistently and keep a distance from the infection patients.  Regardless of these open messages, which are being spread through prevailing press, numerous individuals in Pakistan appear to disregard the directions. Poverty is rampant in the country, with many people unable to make ends meet. They view the coronavirus as the least of their problems.

The next few days are crucial for Pakistan’s coronavirus battle. If the cases continue to multiply, the authorities will have to impose a lockdown again in many cities, but that is easier said than done. Most people don’t follow rules and a lockdown like the one in Italy or China would be hard to enforce in a country like Pakistan.

One thing we should keep in mind that Pakistan will lose battle with coronavirus pandemic if we will not take proper measures to save the precious lives of people. It’s worth mentioning here that WHO has defined a pandemic as “the worldwide spread of a new disease.” At this point in time, there is no vaccine for this kind of infection. It requires research, time and resources coupled with concentrated effort to develop one.

Before Pakistan, this virus infected engulfed the developed countries like China, UK, US Canada, Italy and many other countries.  Different countries have dealt with it in different ways.  Pakistani government who is talking actions to fight with corona, must start paying attention to what other nations have so far done and start putting together an intelligent strategy of their own.

After imposing emergencies the first step which has been adopted should be ‘testing method’. Different countries like UK, Italy and South Korea are testing different numbers of people per million people to check out the existence of this strain of virus. Pakistan should follow the strict polices for isolation of infected people by controlling the importation to prevent local transmission of cases.

It’s also a reality that in a country where majority of the population is concerned about putting the next meal on the table, dealing with the corona virus may be a fry cry. Until it hits them largely! Strong awareness campaign for every class of people has become need of the hour.

This deals with responsibilities, citizens must take to avoid the pandemic. All points covering hygiene must be communicated to the people at their level of understanding.. It must also be ensured that protective masks are available and profiteers do not fleece buyers. For low income groups, arrangements to provide the masks for free must be made.

More importantly, hospitals must be equipped to deal with corona virus. Free camps, equipped with everything needed should be set up in rural and smaller areas of country to facilitate (checking and treatment) the people who didn’t have access to the hospitals.  Putiing personal conflicts aside, politicians should join hands for the welfare of not only other people for their own welfare too.

As of now, it is abundantly clear that coronavirus has upended textbook economics, global stock markets, currency rates, and unearthed massive socio-economic inequality. Unfortunately, according to the United Nations (UN), Pakistan could be one of the countries hardest hit by the economic fallout which this pandemic is ushering in. The report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) postulates that economies of developing countries will

Inevitably, as the world recuperates from this, old business propensities will die and new ones will be conceived. As worldwide unemployment  reaches record highs, Pakistan must act presently to chart out a way towards financial recuperation. The monetarily helpless must be ensured, organizations must be given bailout packages and then taxed later, while the economy ought to get more prominent financial improvements. As Pakistan gradually opens up specific enterprises with the expectation that the ambushed economy will limp back to life, the state must do a difficult exercise in careful control. Given that the IMF extends that Pakistan’s economy may shrink by 1.5% in this financial year, the nation’s policymakers must be set up to manage this looming emergency.