Human beings frequently blame others for being excessively ambitious. They may mean it as an affront however in my view it’s a commendation.  Some people, think about highly ambitious but they don’t know Where’s the Line between Greed and Ambition? people as they have a hunger in them that nothing can quite fill, but according to my experience.

The significance of the word desire and ambition has been mutilated. Ambitious individuals are seen as manipulative and throat-cutting. Individuals often think that ambitious people are greedy and would do anything for a superior position or a more significant salary scale. Maybe we have to address this impression through a change in our thinking. But it is true that the difference between ambition and greed is difficult to define.

Ambition is a constructive force. It builds companies, expands economies, creates jobs, and increases wealth not only for ambitious people but also for others. It is the pursuit of an idea and is driven by imagination. Greed is the quest of wealth without vision, without imagination. Greed is a destructive force. Although greed and ambition might seem to be similar, they are not the same.

Where’s the Line Between Greed and Ambition

For me ambition means having a goal, working towards it and achieving it honestly through proper channel. Greed, on the other hand, desires things that you don’t really need or deserve.

An ambitious person has high aims. You see yourself placed in a position that has either power or gives you a decent way of life or gets you more regard; but a greedy person is one who is never satisfied by anything, he achieves his goals but keeps on striving for more by hook or by crook.

Ambitious people have a plan and strive through a restrained hard-working attitude to get there whereas a greedy person also has a plan but will pull strings, bend rules and even cheat or steal to get there.

In some cases, Ambition is accomplishing your objectives without taking from any other individual. Greed implies that you are some way or another abusing somebody or taking from somebody to achieve your own plan.

An ambitious person aims to reach a certain position or achieve a particular goal which may or may not necessarily be connected with money or power. It has more to do with the satisfactory feeling of a job well done. Without ambition, you become stagnant like still water. No waves, no goals, no movement and no life. We should be smart enough to evaluate our strengths and limitations.

Ambitious people are the ones who make the world go around and their goals pertain to personal growth and achievement. Thomas Edison had a burning desire which resulted in a glowing bulb. It was Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s ambition to free his country which drove him to fight for freedom.

It is more about a sense of triumph or accomplishment. I just want to prove something of my own. I don’t want to disapprove anyone else. I cannot stop myself from aiming for better things in life, for doing better in my job and personal life, for moving forward over a period of time. If this is greedy then be it. Now it’s up to you that what you are going to choose for yourself, a greedy person or an ambitious. In universities, we learn how to compete for more knowledge and success When we know Where’s the Line Between Greed and Ambition it becomes an easy way to work in right direction.