Sometimes we just ignore the word ‘Skilled Manpower Shortage Cripples Growth’ and didn’t pay any attention to determine the role and importance of skilled manpower. Here’s a question arises that what does it mean?  How it is necessary for countries’ development. We cannot deny the fact that skilled manpower become a global demand to meet manpower shortage in the developed countries.

Skilled manpower refers to the person who is trained, well-educated, experienced and passionate to his field and has the ability to perform any task. It is considered as backbone for the development of any country. A country requires its human resources to become developed and if it is developed, it requires skilled manpower in order to prosper and move atop in the global scenario. The University of Faisalabad Focuses on Skilled Manpower.

Skilled Manpower Shortage Cripples Growth

Skilled Manpower Shortage Cripples Growth

On the other hand, businessmen have to face a lot of problems and even crisis due to lack of skilled labour and they consider it as a big problem for their rising cost of production, as it badly affects their global competitiveness. The lack of skilled labour can create numerous problems for a nation. If there is no adequate labour class in a country, the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and economic progress will incur heavy losses.

Highly qualified workers with limited skills are likely to be less productive than labours with specific skill sets and experience. They do not have the knowledge or ability to highly productive, or they may not feel the need to perform beyond basic job requirements. Circumstances like lower output missed deadlines, slow order fulfilment or slow job completion can lead an organization to decline.

A person having specific skills could play a vital role in development by utilizing the available resources in an effective way to fulfil the needs of the country.

Skilled Manpower

Skilled manpower is necessary to carry out the development work properly by utilizing the available means and resources in an effective way to fulfil the needs of the country. Employment opportunities are also generated which helps to solve the problem of unemployment and also helps to raise the living standard of the people. Multiplication of the income and boosting of the country capital is also done which contributes to overall human development. It checks the country’s dependence upon other countries for manpower and promotes the country to be self-reliance and also saves the national currency.

Pakistan is facing an acute shortage of skilled manpower at a time when a construction boom has created a demand for mid-level technical workers. The statistics have proved that the shortage of skilled manpower in Pakistan is not a myth but a reality. Pakistan is facing serious skill shortages in the fields of engineering services, telecommunications, media, Civil Aviation, financial sector and accountancy, textile industry and even in every field. The skill shortages faced by Pakistani economy are posing a very serious challenge for future growth and competitiveness.

 There are certain reasons behind skills shortage in Pakistan. The quality of the training provided by vocational schools and polytechnics is not too satisfactory either. Most of these institutions are ill-equipped to impart even basic training in some areas of expertise. With no vocational guidance provided to students, the enrolment in various disciplines is quite lopsided. Another fact is that of the 25 million youth in the country only 1.7 per cent can be provided technical education and training. Given the unplanned expansion of education in the country an\d the failure to link it to the employment sector, the government has not set up an adequate number of vocational institutions and polytechnics. With only 540 institutions to provide mid-level technical education, the country’s capacity to train skilled people is very limited indeed.

The education system in Pakistan is not the kind that aims to produce skilled labours. The education system of Pakistan lacks a targeted approach to study. The good part about the education system of most other countries is that in these nations, the education system is extremely targeted. The problem with Pakistan is that there is absolutely no lack of human power.

Skilled Manpower Meaning

However, the problem arises when it comes to meeting the demand for skilled labor. The education is not given with some skill or career prospective in mind and that is where the problem begins to occur. Most of the organizations hire employees and spend time and money in training them first, which itself, is a major hindrance in the field of employment. 

Yet another problem with the Pakistan education system is that of brain drain. In order to earn more money, a major chunk of the skilled students migrate to other countries. The problem of brain drain and migration has played a very integral part in the shortage of skilled man power. 

If we want to achieve sustained economic development, remain globally competitive and respond to technological changes, we have to provide market-driven technical and vocational education to our students. No doubt skill development has become a need of any country but here’s the question arise that from where we get skills because.  We all know about our education system. Most of the education institute provides theoretical knowledge not give much emphasis on practical learning that’s why we are some steps back from other countries skill power.

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There are still so many things that the Pakistani government can do to improve the situation before it gets worst. More and more effective education plans need to be implemented. Vocational training should be made a part of the mainstream education system and should be used as much as possible. Educational institutions must give attention to knowledge through practical learning and not judge a person according to his marks only. Awareness lectures and campaigns should be arranged to aware youth about the importance of skilled manpower. After Skilled Manpower Shortage Cripples Growth we can help the economy of our country.