UI Green Metric

Ui Green Metric World University Ranking is based on Sustainability of any institute. It is an initiative of the University of Indonesia launched in 2010. The purpose of this is to promote and work on sustainability in higher education institutions worldwide. This University evaluates universities by measuring their sustainability policies issues, by facilitating the comparison between them.

The University of Faisalabad (TUF) secured the top 500 universities’ position launched by UI Green Metric World University Ranking. This ranking is based on the international ranking system of universities that evaluate environmental performance.

This ranking aims to evaluate the University’s condition, such as it will display university performance in different zones such as energy, electricity, water, and many other parameters. The committee of UI Green Metric is specially designed to collect information about the institution. This survey collects data online from university leaders and information sources.

The plan of the UI Green Metrics:

 The ranking agendas are:

  • It contributes to the development and sustainability of education and greenery of Institute.
  • Promote the notable change of the University about sustainability goals.
  • UI matric work as a tool to gather information and assess high education sustainability around the globe.
  • Share information with governments, international and local environmental agencies about the sustainability of the campus.

They launched information in 6 categories:

  • Green Statistics
  • Energy and Climate change
  • Water management 
  • Water usage
  • Transportation
  • Education

Achievement of the University of Faisalabad in UI Green Metric Ranking

With the efforts of the University, we can make it possible what we achieve today. The University of Faisalabad vice-chancellor’s vision lies in project management and sustainability of the campus, which transform the University of Faisalabad into a new shape.


Significance of participating in UI GreenMetric Ranking:

  • It can help the university work at internationalization and acknowledgment by getting its sustainability efforts on the map.
  • It can help bring issues to light in the college and past about the significance of supportability issues. 
  • GreenMetric is essentially about mindfulness raising, yet later on, it will be adjusted to support genuine change. 
  • Consequently, be an individual from UIGWURN (UI Green Metric World University Ranking Network)

Top 10 Most Sustainable Universities in the world:

  • Wageningen University & Research Netherlands.
  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • University of Nottingham, University Kingdom
  • Nottingham Trent University, United kingdom
  • University of California, Davis, USA
  • Umwelt-Campus Birkenhead, Germany
  • University of Groningen, Netherland
  • Leiden University, Netherlands
  • University College Cork, Ireland
  • University di Bologna, Italy

The Future goals of University:

 The University set goals in 2018 to combat climate change and we accomplished it in 2020. As far as the future goals are concerned, The University of Faisalabad follows the UI Green Metrics different considerations about rankings and sustainability Development ideas. We are trying to maintain ranking and work to develop a better ranking in future.