Congrats! All your difficult work has paid off and you’ve earned yourself a place at university. Studying at TUF is more than an education. It’s tied in with composing your story. You’re a dreamer. A doer. You create. You make things happen. You’re curious. You take initiative. You’ve failed. You’ve won. You understand the big idea. You lead people. You go it alone because it was the right thing to do.

You come from the mountains. You come from where brilliant fields contact the skyline. You come from a city by the ocean. You come from a modest community where you know, everybody. You come from a desert where the hours stretch longer.

You will be a human who improves lives. You will be an engineer and researcher that advances human knowledge. You will be an incredible resident and subsequently an astounding legal advisor. You will be a CEO that keeps the human soul alive. You will attain success without compromise.

Welcome to TUF. Your journey begins now.

Campus Visit

TUF is not a single campus university, so it is not all located on one site. It has three campuses, one in Lahore and the other is located in Faisalabad. The University of Faisalabad’s campus’ wide open spaces show off vibrant colors, polished structures, and plenty of natural light.

TUF’s Library

TUF libraries have a network of four libraries in the university to promote a reading culture and provide access to information on diverse academic disciplines. These libraries are spacious, well planned, and offer a serene environment. Libraries serve their community with up-to-date information through different sources, including a digital library, online research journals, periodicals.

All users from faculty, staff, or students are encouraged to make full use of available resources. Libraries contain around 50,000 books on medical, pharmaceutical sciences, allied health sciences, engineering, religion, management, computer, nursing, literature, and social sciences. Internet facilities in the library connect users to libraries. These libraries provide access to books, journals, theses, newspapers, and other resources in a hybrid environment (i.e. combination of print and online resources).

Digital Resources

The library is also providing access to 25,000 online full-text journals, conference proceedings, and articles through different online databases under the HEC’s National Digital Library Program. Students and faculty can access these resources in the campus through IP addresses. The library also gives access to around 32,000 online books through different databases that have also been made available through HEC’s National Digital Library Program.

TUF Student Societies

TUF advances student support in an assortment of physical, intellectual, athletic and recreational exercises, and gives students chances to take part in their preferred activities at different skill levels, providing virtual real-life environments that contribute to the improvement of student leadership in the midst of expanded coordinated effort between the development of student leadership amid increased collaboration between the individual clubs.

These activities also enable students to compete at national/international events, act as ambassadors of the institution, and promote the image and reputation of TUF as an institution that encourages diverse extracurricular activities.


Aiming to be available for the enjoyment of members of the University is open to the public and boasts a choice of walks, a large collection of trees and plants and space for informal games

Classrooms & Labs

The classrooms and laboratories at The University of Faisalabad are spacious, sufficiently bright, and well-furnished to manage the requirements of both teachers and students.  Every classroom likewise contains equipment required for presentations, projects or workshops, and I.T help is promptly accessible for students and staff. Classrooms are additionally deliberately positioned in regions with least vocal influence but in close region of the library and different resources.  


Laboratories are furnished with the most recent apparatus, devices, PC frameworks and so forth. Every lab is outfitted with completely working apparatuses, spaces, or different assets relying upon the course they are being utilized for. Lab associates are additionally present for any further help students or staff may require.

Auditorium & Conference Rooms

Four decently furnished state of the art conference rooms having a seating capacity of more than 40 persons each with the inbuilt sound system are available in the university for Board/Faculty meetings and for organizing training programs, seminars and workshops with a smaller number of participants.

Three well-furnished centrally air-conditioned auditoria occupy a central place in both campuses of the university. These having a seating capacity of more than 200 to 300 is a venue for conferences, seminars, declamation contests, lectures, and other functions. These auditoria are equipped with the latest multimedia, overhead projectors and sound systems.


The food catering service has a wide range of quality snacks and meals at modest prices are available throughout the day. I guess it goes without saying that, while you are in TUF, you must have the unforgettable dine-in experience at the classy cafeteria of the University.


Educational Radio Channel FM 96.6 was launched on October 9, 2014. . It broadcasts various programs concerning health, education, social welfare, recreation, sports, and many other subjects. Eminent scholars, professionals, and academic staff of the University deliver talks related to their fields of specialization. The participation of the students in the form of their interviews concerning education and sports activities are relayed regularly. Students are encouraged to take part in these programs.


The University of Faisalabad has introduced an in-house shopping facility within its premises by providing an extensively equipped Shopping Mart for its users. TUF Mart is specially conceptualized for the hostilities of the university to bring ease and convenience for the students and free them from the worries of shopping all basic necessities of life ranging from food and beverages to other grocery items.