Life at University is a new beginning for all the students. If you are Beginners At TUF then we provide you a guideline and show the positive face of the university. Every year a number of new students join university making a certain year’s bunch. An extraordinary number of students enrolled in a number of programs make a beautiful lot of youngsters full of dreams. The University of Faisalabad (TUF) offers a fairly all the more intriguing experience to its students. It is just a matter of exploring a little and getting to know the encompassing opportunities. Such opportunities make the students one step closer to live their dream university campus life.

Best Things to See at The University Of Faisalabad

You surely get the opportunity to make some awesome memories by utilizing all the services that are there to your benefit. There is considerably more to live at TUF then taking classes. You absolutely wouldn’t simply need to complete your classes and return home. When you get the flavor of all the pleasant stuff you could do while studying at TUF you wouldn’t want to miss out on each day of your time while you are here.

Things That Ensure Your Amazing Campus Life

Beginners At TUF

At TUF, you’ll meet friends in advanced libraries and well-furnished classrooms. Uncover cozy reading nooks, stumble across sun-kissed lawns and discover the joys and frustrations of roommates. As you grow more acquainted with the faces and places around you, you’ll start to perceive something different: a sentiment of having a place. Make yourself at home.  Life at the university campus has a great deal of space for you to which enables you to explore your inner passions.

TUF campus is completely outfitted with the facilities that students can use to keep themselves involved in doing productive things instead of idling away their time. At the campus, TUF keeps up a profoundly outfitted library that is beautiful and comfortable enough for the students who want to spend time there. 

Student Life of Your Dreams

The student as Beginners At TUF has a brilliant flavour to it. Your student life experience starts with you deciding to invest time inside the university walls. When you think about great student life, topics of classes and studies rise. It is surely an essential part of the student life experience to live through the time inside classrooms and to collaborate with different instructors.

Student socities

Students often fail to actually recognize a very crucial part that in student life ideas that are shared inside the classroom leave an extremely significant effect on the overall student experience. Somehow the awkward classroom interactions, the entertaining exchanges, the comments, the silly questions, the dialogues, and other things combined contribute a lot in making student life funny. Music shows and other social celebrations will enhance your involvement at TUF with a lot of unforgettable moments.

Student Activities

Through extracurricular activities, you’ll meet new people, pursue inclinations (or find new ones), and enhance your comprehension of the world and the people in it. Life at TUF is brimming with unlimited prospects. You will have so many doors open to you waiting for you to step in. TUF having an extraordinary number of student societies to join that are running to provide a great platform of opportunities to the youth will enhance students’ experience.

Benefits of Joining Student Societies/Clubs at University

It is to a student’s advantage that one can choose for just the kind of exposure he wants at TUF. There is a sporting club for the athlete’s soul, the university sports club cleans the intrinsic abilities of each player who decides to take an interest in any games.


The university campus life turns into a totally different encounter when a student picks one of the societies and clubs. For a student, sports may lead to a lifelong profession. Some students may get the opportunity to thrive in the music industry or drama, film, fashion, journalism, business, etc.

The chances are consistently there. Possibilities remain open. The international ties of TUF give the students precisely the exposure they have to excel in their professional lives. By taking part in universal projects many students have had the option to score a studentship for themselves. 


Flak shabir at Tuf

The students of TUF utilize their leisure time by turning out to be volunteers in the service of humanity. At TUF, students volunteering for different causes is a very beautiful thing we see. Thus at TUF, the university campus life empowers you to be more than yourself. You become a part of something greater and something that is going to keep growing with your more and more every day. All you need to do is to open your eyes, look around and see.

Expanding Our Campus

After 15 years of imparting quality education in Faisalabad, a sub-campus of The University of Faisalabad named Alam Tower is established at Bhobatian chowk, Raiwind Road, Lahore in 2018.

campuses at tuf

Commitment to Quality

Life as a TUF Student

What sets The University of Faisalabad supreme is its unconditional commitment to quality education, sincere teaching endeavours, exclusive skill development, lucrative facilities, dynamism to improve, and a competent management team with a vivid vision. Now we hope your are just relax after reading a life as a Beginners At TUF.