What is BS Nursing?

Admission In BS Nursing At TUF (The University of Faisalabad) involves the care of individuals, family’s members, many groups and communities of all ages when they are sick or not in good health, and in all arrangements, independent and cooperative care. Nursing includes promoting health, preventing disease and caring for the sick, disabled and dying. Here we have many key roles of BS Nursing like advocacy, promoting a safe environment, participating in research, health policy formulation and patient and health system management, and education nursing, as an integral part of the healthcare system, includes health promotion, disease prevention. These human responses range from health rehabilitation to individual disease incidence, to policy development in promoting a population’s long-term health.

What is the scope of BS Nursing in Pakistan?

Admission In BS Nursing At TUF

The unique function of nurses from TUF (The University of Faisalabad) in caring for sick or well-to-do people is to assess their response to their health condition. And also assist them in performing these health or rehabilitation support activities or their death if they perform unannounced. Necessary strength will or knowledge and to work in such a way as to help them achieve partial freedom as soon as possible. TUF(The University of Faisalabad) makes its students able to perform her duties not in just Pakistan and all over the world and this nurse is a person who has completed a basic general nursing education program and is authorized to practice nursing in their home country through the appropriate regulatory authority.

What is the scope of BS Nursing?

 Nursing from the best university TUF has very much scope in Pakistan. The scope of nursing in Pakistan practice is defined as the range of roles, functions, responsibilities and activities that registered nurses have the authority to educate and perform. It is the foundation of the principles of nursing, medicine for use, social and public health and has been expressed as the art of nursing.

The broad scope of nursing from TUF in Pakistan is to practice reflects all the roles and activities performed by registered nurses. Pay close attention to human health experiences and their reactions to disease. These include promoting health protection, health rehabilitation and epidemic conditions. Nursing practice is aimed at helping clients achieve and maintain optimal health which maximizes the quality of life throughout life.

What are the subjects in BS Nursing?

Is BS Nursing a degree?

Yes BS Nursing is a proper degree of Nursing. The difference in degree position may be related to the amount of basic science courses required as part of the degree, including BScN and BSN degree courses with more specific B.Sc. Biology and BN curricula focus more on the teaching versions of nursing theory, nursing practice, and general science subjects that are more specific and relevant than nursing practice. BS Nursing is currently required for admission to professional nursing in TUF (The University of Faisalabad). In the TUF it has been pursuing an successful entry level degree for many years. The bachelor’s degree in TUF prepares nurses from many years for a variety of professional roles and graduate studies.

What are the subjects of BS Nursing?

 TUF (The University of Faisalabad) has taken responsibility for the nursing course of study for four years. Students from TUF (The University of Faisalabad) who can successfully clear all subjects under the BS Nursing Program are eligible for a career in the field of nursing. However pursuing a career is not the only way forward as graduates will also be able to pursue higher education and expand their career options. Here are all subjects of BS nursing. Here I’m sharing a list of subjects with semesters which TUF has for their intelligent and able students.

  • Fundamental of Nursing
  •  Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biochemistry for Nurses
  • Computer Skills
  • Applied Nutrition
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Pak. Studies
  • Islamiat
  • Pathophysiology
  • Adult Health Nursing
  • Mathematics
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Nursing Ethics
  • Teaching/Learning :Principles and Practices
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Epidemiology
  • Culture, Health and Society
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Introduction to Nursing Theories
  • Leadership and Management in Nursing
  • Nursing Research
  • Nursing Seminar / role transition
  • Clinical Practicum

What is the salary of BS Nursing?

BS nursing salary in pakistan

Typically the average salary package for the students of TUF (The nursing of Faisalabad) has been offered to Bachelor of Science graduates ranges from Rs 3.2 lakh to Rs 7.8 lakh every year. This amount for nursing deviates based on the prestige of the institution or hospital that employs the aspirant and the aspirant’s seniority which is experience and diligence in the related workplace. Salary of BS nursing also depends upon your experience, well and deep knowledge about nursing. The Nursing industry in Pakistan has been growing rapidly day by day and the career opportunities for the students of nursing in this field have been growing side by side.