The University of Faisalabad encourages students to participate in a variety of physical, intellectual, athletic, and recreational activities in Student Societies. It provides them with opportunities to participate in the activities of their choice at various skill levels, providing virtual real-life environments that directly contribute to the development of student leadership amid increased collaboration between individuals.


List of TUF Societies

  1. Religious Society
  2. Cultural Society
  3. Community Services Society
  4. Dramatic Society
  5. Musical Society
  6. Art Society
  7. Publication Society Press
  8. Society for skincare
  9. Sports Society
  10. Blood Donors Society
  11. Model United Nations Society
  12. Photography Society
  13. Adventure Society
  14. Student Welfare Society
  15. Character Building Society
  16. Rehabilitation Society
  17. Literary Society


  •   Religious Society

As the name implies, the Islamic Society aims to promote a favourable image of Islam and dispel widespread misconceptions about it. The Society provided students with an in-depth understanding of Islam without regard for sects. It gives students social, academic, spiritual, and welfare assistance through regular events and activities, resulting in a good transformation.

  •   Cultural Society

Students take part in various cultural and cross-cultural activities at the university. Because the university has many international students, it is to the university’s credit that it celebrates cross-cultural festivals by welcoming international students, developing cordial ties and understanding, and establishing a sense of one global family and brotherhood.

  •   Community Services Society

In keeping with its holistic focus on people and their settings, social work employs a variety of skills, strategies, and activities. Examine how these common tasks, skills, areas of expertise, and interventions might be articulated to express students’ capacities and the breadth of their practice.

  •   Dramatic Society

 Dramas, short plays, mimes, and sketches have been part of the Dramatic society repertory at university welcome parties, concerts, and other events. The TUF Dramatics society’s main goal is to inspire people who lack confidence. The members of the University of Faisalabad Dramatics society perform on various platforms, which encourages them to work harder and achieve even better at future events. In addition, they want to send a positive message to the public.

They use entertainment to send a constructive message to the audience and highlight social issues in our society. As a result, students develop confidence, enhance their public speaking skills, and learn to express themselves through this platform.

  •   Musical Society

The University of Faisalabad Music Society polishes student’s natural singing and musical ability. This student hosts regular guitar, percussion, piano, flute, and violin workshops and brings prominent musicians to speak about various musical genres such as Classical, Pop, Fusion, Sufi-rock, Pop-rock Rap, Jazz Trance, and others. The Society also hosts regular gigs and singing competitions such as the Battle of the Bands, Voice of TUF, and DJ Night.

  •   Art Society

This group educates students about the arts and culture while showcasing The University of Faisalabad students’ hidden abilities. It gives new participants a variety of possibilities to groom and polish themselves to satisfy the needs of their departments, where they will begin their professional careers in the arts. Its main goal is to help individuals develop, channel, and nurture their artistic abilities.

  •   Publication Society Press

Our well-respected student press is an excellent place to sharpen your reporting talents. In addition, you might assist in the production of the press and gain experience working with professionals on news, reviews, and other genre writing.

  •   Society for skincare

The University of Faisalabad is home to one of the first-ever skincare societies. The goal of launching this Society is to help students with everything related to makeup, skincare, and hair care. In addition, this association provides complete beginners interested in dabbling in the realm of beauty with information and assistance to pupils with skin problems.

The Skincare Society hosts a range of events, both in-person and online, so be sure to join so you can participate in all of the exciting activities. Expect interesting socials to get to know one another during the academic year, makeup instruction from professional makeup artists, and dermatology presentations and workshops.

  •   Sports Society

Sports are an important aspect of the University of Faisalabad’s extracurricular activities. League competitions in badminton, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, and table tennis are among the highlights of the sporting calendar. In addition, students participate in inter-university tournaments such as cricket, badminton, tug of war, table tennis, and other physical sports and campus activities. The Sports Club also offers registered students semester-long memberships to the gym, swimming pool, and other sports activities.


  •   Blood Donors Society

As its name says, it is a community that allows the needy to search for a blood group match. This Society is open to all students at the University of Faisalabad. In addition, this organization maintains a blood donor database through which they supply blood.

  •   Model United Nations Society

The Model United Nations Society at TUF aims to develop leaders in young people by providing a platform of numerous opportunities geared toward their development and growth to become change agents and assets to their societies, nations, and states. It aspires to be Pakistan’s premier Model United Nations society through its flagship conference, a spirit of social responsibility and leadership, and responsible representation abroad.

  •   Photography Society

This Society promotes interest in all aspects of photography as an art form and welcomes members who enjoy photography at all experience levels. This Society conducts photography workshops, exhibitions and other modes of visual art activities. In addition, this Society will help beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers to improve their skills through lectures, workshops, and photo shoots at university.

  •   Adventure Society

The University of Faisalabad wants to be a place where students can go on diverse journeys and satisfy their desire to learn. TUF wants students to recognize and appreciate the beauty of Pakistan, from Muskhpuri to Naltar Valley, and take them out of their cocoons to socialize in the real world and explore the natural domain, where wonders await to blow their minds away. Because life is full of day-to-day concerns, stress, and activity, The University of Faisalabad wants to take you on a journey that will teach you to appreciate nature.

  •   Student Welfare Society

TUF’s Social Welfare Society is dedicated to helping worthy students, needy patients, college employees, and hospitals. The sole goal of this campaign is to seek Allah’s permission and is free of any personal gain. The Social Welfare Society is prepared to provide all possible assistance to all students and patients, particularly in the event of any accidents or disinterest on the part of all pupils who have come here to learn. Many students get knowledge because it is a government institution. In addition, many underprivileged people come here for medical care. These students and patients require immediate aid and financial support.

Student in TUF

  •   Character Building Society

As the name says, the goal of this Society is to improve students’ character and help them grow into decent people. This organization is an important aspect of campus life since it directs the participants’ personal and group behaviour. The Society hosts interactive sessions on campus with well-known speakers. It also emphasizes activity-based activities to encourage people to volunteer and provide learning opportunities. TUF encourages students to use their social, ethical, and intellectual principles to be consistent with their educational and cultural goals. Without any opportunistic motive or design, members of this Society are taught to act as whistleblowers against malpractices, corruption, and similar issues.

  •   Rehabilitation Society

This Society educates individuals about the importance of fitness in our lives through seminars and workshops and aids career-oriented students in achieving success in their professions through professional and innovative techniques.

  •   Literary Society

The Literary Society promotes healthy reading and writing habits among students. The Society organizes an annual production based on famous literary texts such as Shakespearean Plays. This helps the students showcase their talent using the Society as a platform. The circle also convenes once a month. Each session comprises a selection of a particular book in prose or poetry, followed by a discussion on the author, chosen excerpts and important chapters. The sessions are conducted both for Urdu as well as English literature. The circle has celebrated speakers and renowned writers on its guest list.



The University of Faisalabad offers the best learning environment and experience through the development of student societies. Student societies of TUF develop students’ confidence levels and encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities and studies.