Mental Health of University students includes both the ability to deal with life’s obstacles and the absence of mental disease. Everyone should prioritize their mental and physical health equally. Youth frequently play around with their attitudes, personas, and behaviours. While the majority of their tests are risk-free, a few could have disastrous outcomes. Mental health issues in children and youth include stress, anxiety, bullying, family issues, depression, and learning disabilities, among others. Young people are increasingly struggling with serious mental health issues, including suicide and self-harming behaviours.

Mental Health of University students

For one to live a good life, one must be in excellent mental health. Students who have mental health issues like sadness or dizziness as a result of academic, social, or family demands cannot successfully balance their personal and academic lives.

Mental Health of University students

Negative effects, such as an increased chance for academic failure, social isolation, unsafe sexual behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, attempted suicide, unemployment, and poor health, may occur if mental health issues in students are not identified. According to recent research, the nation is in crisis as seen by the rising prevalence of mental and emotional issues among children and adolescents in Pakistan.

Growing numbers of children and graduate students are experiencing depression, anxiety, attention deficit, conduct disorders, suicide thoughts, and other severe psychological issues. According to conservative estimates, one in ten children and graduate students now suffer from a severe mental disease that impairs them.

Unfortunately, many children do not receive the necessary assistance, even when they are identified earlier. According to some statistics, the majority of students and young people who require a mental health evaluation do not get the care they need, and the utilization of mental health treatments is similarly poor.

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The mental health of children needs to be looked for by adults and parents. In addition to talking with their children, parents and other adults should act as positive role models, give them friendship advice, and keep an eye on their behavior.

For children, there is an increasing and unmet need for mental health treatments. The success of students and young people depends on mental health care. The University of Faisalabad is aware of the value of counseling. For this reason, there is a counseling area where students can talk to a jury about their worries and problems with their studies. Early detection of mental health issues in children and adolescents is made possible by prevention initiatives. These

These programmes offer information on mental health issues, the prevention of violence, the development of social skills, the prevention of harassment, the prevention of suicide, the resolution of conflicts, and the screening for emotional and behavioural abnormalities.

Suggestions to help the Mental Health of University students:

  • Students must have good mental health in order to succeed. The following actions can be taken to emphasize the significance of mental health in young people:
  • Increase understanding of issues relating to children’s and adolescents’ mental health; offer organizations and professionals a thorough manual for conducting successful and fruitful youth meetings; and Run campaigns in each town to raise awareness of young people’s mental health.
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  • Youth mental health issues are just as vital to be aware of as other physical problems like heart disease, AIDS, cancer, etc.
  • Health officials from the local and state levels need to emphasize more how critical it is to treat affected children and teens’ mental health issues.
  • It will be easier to raise young people’s quality of life if attention is paid to their mental health. Additionally, this enhances their success in both their personal and academic lives. Only when mental health issues in teens are detected and prevented sooner do families, society, and children gain.
  • Most significantly, a shift in thinking is necessary so that mental health is not seen as a taboo topic. Openness about mental health should be the social norm. This can only happen if everyone, from children to adults, feels comfortable enough to talk about it without stigma or judgment.


The following are key points that should be included when discussing mental health with young people:-Mental health is just as important as physical health.-Good mental health is necessary for academic and personal success.-Mental health issues should not be seen as taboo topics.-Openness about mental health can help to prevent. The University Of Faisalabad always tries to provide a positive environment for study