The reason it’s so difficult to get and remain physically fit is that we are surviving with an extremely busy lifestyle. We don’t know How to Find Time for Fitness in Busy Schedule. We have work, companions, family, and so on. Each and every day there is such a great amount to do — so much going on! Clearly, the individuals who are successful at changing their wellbeing and keeping up great physical wellness have much less going on in their lives than we do, correct?

So why does it so often feel like we don’t have time to eat right and exercise? I’ve been forced to ponder that query often because it is by far and away the most popular excuse given for why so many people “can’t” make a commitment to building a better body.

Some say “not having enough time to exercise” is simply a cop-out for people who are lazy and don’t really want to look or feel better. I don’t think “laziness” is the primary culprit here. I’ve discovered most people simply don’t understand how to “create time,” and, therefore, they’ve bought into the “perception” that they are too busy. Most people just don’t understand how possible it is to find the time to invest in building a healthy, energized body.

So how to make time for exercise when life feels crazy? Here are some tips to keep your workouts in the rotation, no matter how busy you are.

How to Find Time for Fitness in Busy Schedule

Watch Less TV: Although watching the TV can be an incredible method to loosen up following a furious day, roar with laughter, or even discover some new information, it is, by and large, the greatest time vampire in present-day society. What TV really does is mesmerize you — think about what you look like when you’re staying there on the love seat sitting in front of the TV: you’re truly gazing vacantly at nothing in particular, thinking about nothing, achieving nothing, and being nothing.

Fitness in Busy Schedule

Now, you don’t have to give up television altogether to find the extra time you can use to accomplish much more productive things, like building a fantastic physique. Just use discretion! Every time you turn on the TV, ask yourself, “Could this time be better spent accomplishing something different?” Most of the time, the appropriate response will be, “Yes!”

Make a Proper Plan: One of the best (and simplest) time-saving techniques I’ve discovered is to plan your day ahead of time. For example, make a “Major Outcome Activity” list each night. Write down the things you know you need to accomplish the next day which matter — things that produce a “major outcome.” Include working out, taking your supplements, and eating when you’re supposed to on this list.

Exercise Regularly: This is a great example of the “perceived problem” being the “ultimate solution.” You see, those who believe they don’t have time to exercise because they are so darn busy actually don’t have time to not exercise! Let me explain…

It’s a scientifically proven fact that the right amount of exercise gives you more energy! (Now remember, if you exercise excessively, you can actually end up run down and burned out! A decent, brief, serious weight-preparing exercise ought to animate your muscles, not obliterate them!) When you have more energy, you get more things done, faster!

Take the Stairs: Skip the elevator, walk up the stairs. Taking the stairs is one of the best exercises you can do. It will help you build muscle mass while also burning extra calories. Not to mention, taking the stairs is a huge time saver. By the time the elevator door opens, you will already be reaching your floor.

Consume a Nutritious Diet: Another excuse I hear frequently from people who can’t get in shape is they don’t have time to “eat right.” The fact is, today, “eating right” is a lot easier than it used to be. Thanks to modern advances in nutritional science, a healthy, high-protein, nutrient-rich, low-fat meal can be consumed in the form of a meal-replacement shake or convenient nutrition bars (that taste almost as good as candy bars).

When you provide your body with a constant supply of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong, you have consistent energy throughout the day. It really doesn’t take a lot of time to follow a proper bodybuilding nutrition program.

Eliminate Mindless Chat: Pressed for time? Well, get off the phone! In any given day, most people blow at least an hour on irrelevant phone chitchat. This is especially true in the business world. Personal telephone discussions (like most business calls) are nearly as terrible as TV — they’re simply something the vast majority do to remain agreeable — to remain involved or feel occupied. You should cut down your screen time.

Have a Sense of Urgency: Some people do things so slowly it drives me crazy. If they just picked up the pace a bit (or a lot) and pushed themselves — if they approached each task with a sense of urgency, they would be remarkably more efficient at everything and could free up at least an hour a day.

Don’t Get Sick: Okay, now I’m just being completely unrealistic, right? Not hardly. The fact is, if you won’t take the time to be well, you’ll be forced to take the time to be sick. By fusing exercise, appropriate sustenance, and the ordinary utilization of supplements into your way of life, you can altogether improve your wellbeing.


As you can clearly see, the all-too-common excuse, “I don’t have time to get in shape right now…” is simply a misperception, not a reality. What thousands of people have discovered is that by being very conscious about how they spend their time, they’re able to get more done, faster; look and feel better; and even enjoy life more! All right, now you know what to do to find time — apply these tips, and you’ll be amazed how much they can change your life for the better.