In this blog we present Hostel facilities in The University of Faisalabad. A fully functional hostel facility is available at the University of Faisalabad to simultaneously accommodate approximately 1300+ students and 55 faculty members. Residential building of the girl’s hostel is divided into five blocks. In Khadija Hall, we have 83 rooms, Aisha block 65 rooms, Zainab block 30 rooms, Ruqia block 65, Fatima Block 65, and Amna block 160 rooms. Fully furnished, well ventilated, and airy rooms with allied facilities are provided to the students at very reasonable rates. In contrast, there are two separate buildings organized as Hamza and Hassan hostels for boys, containing approximately 1300 boy students and faculty members. In addition, the TUF hostel facility offers indoor games, indoor gymnasium, TV room, and mosque for the students and faculty of the University. Similarly, an exclusive hostel facility is also available for girl students.

Hostel facilities in The University of Faisalabad


To fulfil their cravings, the Canteen provides students, employees, and academics with fresh, hot, hygienic, and nutritious meals. Breakfast, lunch, high tea, snacks, and beverages are all available at the Canteen. Food Courts/Cafeterias are also available at the hostel, which are popular hangout locations for students after a long day at school. Students in hostels have access to a plethora of amenities.



A fit body translates to a fit mind. The sprawling University of Faisalabad hostel has excellent facilities for all outdoor sporting activities. The well-kept, beautiful green playground is a sight to behold when football and cricket are played. Other facilities include basketball, tennis, and badminton courts.

The Student Activity Hub offers indoor sports like carom, chess, and table tennis. Furthermore ,annual inter and intra-university championships are held


Surveillance by CCTV:

The University of Faisalabad Surveillance System is designed to safeguard the safety and security of students, faculty, and visitors. The cameras have been placed in strategic areas to keep a careful eye on all forms of suspicious activity and unauthorized access on the Campus. Friendly yet stringent security guards keep an eye on the University of Faisalabad. The campus is monitored by more than 60 CCTV cameras. Security personnel patrol the campus on a regular basis. Entrance to the campus requires evidence of identification. Surveillance cameras that are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


On campus, the University of Faisalabad has all of the fundamental necessities. In addition, on the University campus, Habib METROPOLITAN bank and MEEZAN bank ATM are available to all students, staff, and hostel residents.

24 hour medical coverage:

The University of Faisalabad places a high premium on the well-being of its students, staff, and faculty. As a result, if any students or hostel residents require medical attention, they may readily attend MTH, which is located directly behind the hostel.

Wi-Fi Internet access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Students at the University of Faisalabad can connect to the internet via a seamless Wi-Fi network with numerous IPs. Because the university hostel is Wi-Fi equipped, students can do their assignments while sitting in the library or on the lush green campus while enjoying the luxury of their hostel accommodation. Wi-Fi was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing the University to quickly access e-books and study materials. Networks that are completely secure Access points are strategically located for speedy connection.


Common Area;

There are common spaces in each residential facility with large screen TVs and comfortable chairs. All common areas are air-conditioned and constructed specifically for students to sit and share precious moments with their classmates. In addition, the TV room provides a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for all hostel guests.

Access to a pantry:

Every floor has a pantry, which is equipped with a refrigerator, water cooler, microwave oven, toaster, and iron. Please keep in mind that these are for the use of all residents of the building. Each user must pick up after themselves as a matter of common politeness.


All students have access to laundry services at a very low cost. Residents are responsible for collecting and dropping off laundry in the specified residential area’s laundry room. In the laundry area, the laundry charges are shown. Laundry services will be charged to all students directly by the outsourced vendor.

Postal Service:

All letters and shipments are delivered to the Hostel Warden. Outgoing mail can also be sent through the Hostel Warden for a fee if courier services are required.


We provide an on-campus gym with the latest equipment, free medical monitoring, nutritional guidance, clean lockers, and well-trained trainers for a convenient workout. Cardiovascular equipment, free and plate-loaded weights, and reflectorized weights (such as cable-operated) are examples of machinery.