Students hostel life. what comes in your mind after reading or listening to this word? The Most Common Myths about Student’s Hostel Life.  Can’t find clean clothes? Compelled to wear two different socks? Your bed hasn’t been made in a month and your room resembles a laundromat?

There are orange peels all over your study table with the seeds dissipated everywhere in the room. There’s nobody to reprove you about how messy your room is and you live a happy-go-lucky life without any stress about the next day, hour, or moment.

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When all these things happen to you simultaneously, you know you live in a hostel.

I mean, honestly speaking, what else would you be able to anticipate from a bunch of young adults together in the same vicinity, practically under a similar rooftop, with no management or parental control? But apart from the lighthearted lifestyle, living in a hostel assists people with learning and comprehend many things, a couple of which I have attempted to feature here:

A hostel is where normally students live and which is administered by an organization and living in those hostels is known as the hostel life. Hostels are aimed at giving budget-oriented, sociable accommodation for students.

The life in a hostel is totally different from that of the home. One of the greatest blessings of the hostel is a free life. Students will in general get a free atmosphere and figure out how to make choices of their own. A student may sleep in a hostel whenever he likes to. You may wake up late in the morning but none will ask you.

During your hostel life, nobody is after you repeatedly asking you to study unlike at home, which ultimately gives you a  sense of responsibility. Aside from the general rules and regulations of the hostel, which are to be followed fundamentally by everybody, one is is his own master and learns to control his life. It is because of this reason that many students don’t prefer to return home even on long vacations. Those who love freedom love hostel life.

Hostel life can be an exceptionally wonderful excursion. In a hostel, many students nearly a similar age live together who are studying nearly in a similar class or year. Hence, students of the same nature create incredible closeness among themselves while they get their opportunity and build up a feeling of self-obligation.

Studying and living together build up an incredible feeling of unity among them and grows a feeling of co-operation and fellow-feeling among them.

I’ve spent my last 2.5 years in the hostel of The University of Faisalabad which was an unforgettable experience. I had this idea about them as dirty, loud, places where 20-year-olds got drunk on spring break. I was wrong… mostly. I’ve found that modern hostels, the better ones anyway, offer comfortable and affordable accommodation for all ages.

Myth; Hostels are Loud, Dirty and Gross

This is, I think, the most most common misconception about hostels. Don’t get me wrong, some hostels are absolutely like this. The best ones are anything but. Similarly, as there are bad lodgings, there are bad hostels. Similarly, as there are incredible inns, there are extraordinary hostels.

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Not at all! Not because hostels are modest it implies that they will be filthy or perilous. These days, you can discover hostels that are far superior, cleaner, more present-day, and are far better situated than a lodging. There are some extravagance hostels simply like I’ve encountered TUF hostels that would blow your mind. Don´t be afraid, paying for a cheap bed doesn´t mean you will not get quality during your stay.

The Most Common Myths about Student’s Hostel Life

I’ve met hundreds of people while travelling and only heard about 3 stories about someone getting something stolen from a hostel (and in one case, the guy was mentally off, since the cops came and had him shipped off in an ambulance). How many stories have you heard with someone stealing something from a hotel room?

Don’t worry: a few hostels are commonly protected places. Practically all hostels will give you a room with a lockable door, just as a private locker if you are remaining in a mutual room. Is it less safe for your things than a hotel? Perhaps, in that there more people approach where you keep your stuff. But generally, people are good. And you should lock your luggage/backpack anyway.

Reasons to Stay at Hostel


A hostel is a youngster’s haven. If I were to utilize single word to characterize what living in a hostel feels like, it would be freedom’ – unreserved, utterly blissful freedom

Hostel Life Is Good For Students

Undoubtedly, out of the many advantages I have come across while living in a hostel, the most amazement striking and regularly the most pined for one is the freedom that hostels offer to students. For many, it is the first time in their lives that they are totally all alone and liable for their own activities. The excitement of this opportunity goes about as adrenaline and helps many in experiencing what life truly is about.

Decision-Making Skills

Whether it is tied in with eating just crisps and bread rolls for supper (because that is everything you can bear) or wearing whatever wrinkled garment you discover lying around the room, you work for yourself.

Whether you take a bath after a football game or go to sleep without taking one, whether you study all night or talk about random, meaningless parables with your roomies, it is your decision, unadulterated by any external pressure or advice from your parents. And believe me, making these decisions helps a person grow.

An Emotional Roller-Coaster

Hostel life permits you to find yourself and the scope of feelings you have. It encourages you to see how strong or weak you are in emotional circumstances. It even helps you sharpen your relational abilities time and again when you’re compelled to direction, talk, and console a mate during their emotional breakdowns.