One of the biggest problems nowadays Eliminate Distractions  when it comes to studying and exams, is the interruptions we have around us — be it the TV, PC, cell phone, social media life, computer games, extra-curricular activities or others.

Sometimes when students start studying, musings of numerous types, attack our brain and cause us to lose concentration. Be that as it may, we can’t let every one of these things divert us from our studies when the tests are close, so we have to realize the approaches to stay concentrated on the main job — studying.

Everybody is a good student — only if they can discover an opportunity to study! Indeed, time is the thing that nobody seems to have enough of nowadays. There are just 24 hours in the day and seven days in the week, however things that demand our consideration and occupy our time are just too many to be squeezed into our schedule.

And to make things worse, there are so many time-zapping worthless activities tempting you to spend hours on them in a way that makes wasting time seem like a major accomplishment. Anyone who has completed a level at Candy Crush after a week of failed attempts, managed to hatch a rare dragon egg in Dragon City or uploaded a selfie with the perfect pout, will know what a major accomplishment these essentially useless tasks seem like. How we boast about them and set about to spend more hours outdoing our last feats.

Multi-tasking, multi-skills and technology-based activities interruptions fill up the life of a child since he/she in learns out how to walk and talk, some of the time even before that. It’s a common sight to see babies having a TV or another digital screen acting as their babysitter.

Furthermore, when they develop only somewhat more seasoned, they have playschools, Kindergarten, swimming classes, music exercises, and so forth, to join in. Things just get included with age, both regarding extra-curricular exercises and studies, as guardians feel the cultural strain to ensure their kids have taken in each aptitude there is, to be superior to their friends.

The findings of a research conducted at Stanford University show that multitasking makes one lose focus, be less productive and switch tasks without completing them. There will be a lack of concentration if one is constantly thinking about something else they want or have to do, which can be anything from practicing piano lessons to playing an online game with friends or writing the speech you have to give in the next morning school presentation.

In such a scenario, it is important that we make a conscious effort to improve our focus and give enough time to studies, removing all distractions from our mind and surroundings. And the next few months are very crucial for all students, whatever the grade they study in, as tests, mocks and final exams are just around the corner.

However, to prevent distractions from stealing away your valuable time, you have to realize what these distractions are. If you sit back and think reasonably, you will rapidly recognize the things that seize your valuable time.


  • Social media
  • Chatting and messaging
  • Random searches
  • Games
  • Personal grooming
  • Television
  • Poor organisation and planning


How to Eliminate Distractions?

There are many more things that are stealing away your time, some specific to only you as each person does different things. So identify those things that you feel you spend too much time on and which can either be ignored for a while or you can easily spend less time on them. Then allocate that time to your studies and other more important and productive activities.

So let us look at a few ways in which we can strive to improve our concentration and focus if we want to make some progress in learning.

1) Limit or Avoid Distractions

When sitting down to studying, distractions simply spell disaster. We need to consciously and firmly remove all things from our surroundings (which is basically the study area) and mind, which are likely to distract us.

Make sure that your study area is not too noisy because background noise has been found to be one of the main culprits in reducing learning efficiency and concentration. A study published in Journal of Experimental Psychology showed that reading needed more effort when participants of the study read texts while made to listen to irrelevant background speech because they inadvertently ended up listening and trying to process the meaning of what they were hearing.

2) Put the Phone Away

Keeping the phone within easy reach and picking it up every now and then to check for messages and updates is detrimental to studying. We all know this, yet it is something that we all do.


Give your phone to your mum. Or switch it off. Set specific times at which you will pick up the phone or log on to the computer and for how long you will use it and stick to that. But make sure it is not after just half an hour as breaking your concentration that often so quickly will not get you anywhere.

3) Tackle the Difficult Part First

Your power of concentration is higher in the beginning of your study session. Do the most critical and challenging topics and concepts first then move on to the easier ones.

If you do the easier tasks first, you will be thinking and stressing about the harder ones the whole time, reducing your productivity and ability to focus.

4) Break it up

Study for say one hour then take a five-minute break. This will enable your mind to revive. Be that as it may, don’t overdo the break, five minutes implies five minutes. The break can mean anything — moving around, having a little tidbit, talking with mum, possibly looking at what your younger sibling is watching on Cartoon Network, or simply shutting your eyes and relaxing.


5) Stay Hydrated

Eating well during exams is something that is talked about a lot, but not much focus is given to the need to drink water to stay hydrated when studying.  With summer fast approaching and all the important exams usually falling during the hot summer months here, keeping ourselves hydrated with the right kind of drinks, such as fresh juices and water, not carbonated drinks, is very important. It is a good idea to keep a water bottle on your study table and take sips every now and then.

6) Exercise for Concentration

Being physically active and affects the mind thus numerous specialists propose that the individuals who are in good physical condition performed better on assignments that necessary continued consideration.

So while numerous students are enticed to maintain a strategic distance from all games and outdoor activities during exam time, it is really useful that they enjoy a physical action and exercise normally to improve their vitality levels and mind work.

7) Sleep Well

You need to have enough sleep each day. No concentration tips and tricks are going to work on a tired body and mind.