Students of BS in nutrition and dietetics will be provided with an in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms underlying consumption, production, and metabolism of food and their effects on disease prevention and management.

This field of study provides me with the opportunity to participate in experiential projects. Courses in leading-edge fields and internship What can you do with a bachelor’s in nutrition? opportunities in clinical or industrial settings, research areas, community, and public institutions are integrated into the curriculum.

The University of Faisalabad offers a stimulating learning environment with a dynamic and active team of professors intending to address multiple challenges students face at individual and societal levels in food and nutrition. All important topic areas are covered, including the steady increase in obesity, hypertension, diabetes, risks of food contamination, aging populations, the complex nature of food service management, etc., preparing students for professional eligibility.

This field of study is even interlinked with a broad career spectrum in food science, processing technologies, food product development, food industry, and management of quality assurance while providing:

  • Internships leading to positions in demand.
  • Sensory evaluation and independent studies on real industry problems
  • Small student-to-faculty ratio coming up with access to professors with a broad range of food expertise


 What can you do with a bachelor’s in nutrition?


This program will provide students with excellent knowledge of health and food nutrition. Basic understanding of micro and macro nutrition, planning of healthy diets, food and natural nutrition in the body, fitness, health, disease, and global nutritional issues are all covered extensively in this field of study.

bachelor's in nutrition

After finishing this course, students will be qualified to be a holistic nutritional consultant to care for low and moderate risk patients by planning menus and diet for individuals having underlying diseases and suggesting them to perform a variety of activities to ensure effective provision of nutrition care.

Is nutritionist a promising career in Pakistan


Increase influx of awareness and concern about health and physical fitness has elevated the career of nutritionists in Pakistan Nutritionists usually get customers from either high gentry or women with hair skin or weight conditions, majority of them need proper diet plans according to body mass index, which only a professional in dietetics can design.

A career in nutrition focuses on monitoring patient health and advising measures to retain body metabolism in balance. If you pursue your career in Nutrition Sciences, you will get additional knowledge about dietary needs and flourish in interpersonal skills


What is the scope of BS nutrition in Pakistan?

BS nutrition in Pakistan

Graduates find good career opportunities and establish successful practices in a variety of sectors, including :

  • Healthcare facilities and medical clinics
  • Fitness Centers
  • Nutritional Supplement Industry
  • Food industry and food services
  • Health Food Stores
  • Pharmacy stores
  • Nutrition educator in different facilities
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • Teaching and Education
  • Administration
  • Consulting Services
  • Home Care Nursing
  • Natural Health Centers and Spas
  • Sports Training Centers
  • Retailer and Natural health stores
  • Wellness Centers
  • Martial Arts Services
  • Conference and Retreat Centers
  • Senior and Retirement Homes
  • Self-employment as a consultant
  • Health coaches and employee wellness programs


What are the highest paying jobs in nutrition?


A degree in Nutritional Sciences pays off. The salary of a nutritionist or dietitian is based on the area in which he/she is hired. It is also based on either he/she is working in a hospital or wellness center. Following are mentioned some average annual salaries related to nutritional sciences career.

jobs in nutrition

Wellness consultant

For a Medical Wellness Administrator, the average salary range is between PKR 995,994 and PKR 1,726,295 annually.


The average salary    for a Nutritionist in Pakistan is 197739 PKR

Market researcher

The average salary for a market researcher in Pakistan

is  1160000 PKR

Clinical dietitian

The average salary for a clinical dietitian in Pakistan is 1216006 PKR