Media Studies is the study that deals with the content history and Effect of various media. Mass Media studies draw particular attention to traditions from both the social sciences and the humanities but mostly from its core disciplines of mass communication, communication science and communication studies. Researchers may also develop and employ theories and methods from cultural studies, rhetoric, philosophy, literary theory, psychology, political science, political economy, comics, sociology anthropology, social theory, art history and criticism, and film feminist information theory.

What else do you need to expect?

Mass media has two categories:

Contemporary media: movies, video games, social media etc.

Traditional or legacy media; television, radio, print media etc.

During courses, student’s analyze different media institutions and their channels. They also get a chance to learn about the difference between the present and past changes in the digital age. Future media graduates might also approach degree subjects such as smartphones etc.

Why Media Studies is the best option to open multiple career

What are the four important elements of Media studies?

Media Language: Students get exposure to produce different means to produce text, image audio, etc.

Representation: Students can understand that they can describe an event or situation.

Audience: it is related to understanding how to create an audience that people want to see.

Let’s discuss the sub-disciplines:

Media studies is a general degree, and it has overlapped with other disciplines such as Anthropology, Psychology, Cultural studies and political science.

Some of the programs are:

  • Communication
  • Social Media
  • Journalism
  • Publishing and editing 
  • Film and Media studies

Media Language

What kind of job options are available for students?

We all know that students are very concerned about the degree because they want to pursue a good career after completing a degree. That’s why they raise the question that 

What do they get in Media studies? 

If you are the one who picks Media studies, then you do not need to think too much because you have many options to build your career in different areas such as Marketing, Broadcasting, Photography and other areas. Here are some of the most popular careers waiting for you.

Digital Marketing Specialists: The field is the best field for media studies for graduate students. They are the specialists who are there to help clients to build an online presence. 

Media Planner: Media planner deals with the marketing industry and helps companies grow through brand awareness and promote products and services.

Public Relation: Media science is also an open door for public relation job. Creating and maintaining a good relationship with the client is important by planning and strategy creation, SEO, and reputation management.

These options show that a Media studies degree is the best option for career and scope.

What is a Media Studies Major?

If we specifically discuss the subjects related to media studies. In that case, it has four years of degree that teachers follow to critically examine all types of media such as TV, films advertising, Journalism, and digital media. It is about How media studies have impacted society. Media Studies open more options and deal with Bachelor of Art programs.

There are many courses which students study during the degree :

  •  Communication Theory
  • Visual communication
  • History of Media
  • Critical writing 
  • Media and Culture

What other benefits are brought by Media Studies?

A masters in Media studies can boost your career, and it is quite helpful in refining your research, critical analysis and communication skills. Students can educate themselves on emerging technologies and trends currently redesigned and reshaping the Media industry’s landscape, granting them a competitive edge when seeking employment. 

What do they get in Media studies

How much will you earn as a Mass Media degree holder?

If you have a graduate degree in media studies, you have many options available in the market. Same like that, the salary ratio is also varied as per your designations. A film studies salary can differ from some other position. If you start your career as a writer, your minimum salary must be around $69.430 in 2018. In advertising, public relations and related services made $134,780 and producers and directors in radio and television broadcasting. Salaries also depending on your location and according to experience.

What else can you do with your media studies major?

Other career options available in the market are the camera operator’s sounds and broadcast engineers and technicians. These positions need specializations and some training after high school or a bachelor’s degree. Some also depend on the region and require membership in a union. Media studies also open other career zones such as editors, broadcast analysts and voice-over programs such as cartoons or commercials. These fields also deal with all part of entertainment and other creativity and originality options.

Why study Media studies at University?

Pursuing a job in the media industry is not as easy. That is why it is crucial to pursue a degree through University to stand from the crowd. It will equip you with skills ranging from copywriting to camera work and gear you up for a fast-moving industry that requires you to change the time as you want.

Whether you have a creative mind and know how to fulfil the process, you still need to stand out from others. If you want to make a difference as a broadcaster and journalist. A degree in media study will help you a lot and open many different career fields for you.

Once you are done with your degree, it will expand your exposure and investigate and analyze media studies’ theory, helping businesses and organizations predict the outcome of news items and current affairs. The history of media studies and its place in society and culture. Not only that, you become creative enough to design campaigns.

In Media Studies, students will be able to deal with different modules that they may study are:

  • Global digital cultures
  • Community media for social action
  • International Journalism
  • Producing and consuming social Media 
  • The element of visual media 
  • Power and resistance

What must students possess to enter in the degree of Media studies?

It is important that students picked up subjects related to media studies in their Intermediate. It will help them easily grab the knowledge and subject of a Bachelor degree in Media Studies at University. 

Media studies are last for four years .in the last year, students have changed to field experience, which is a pity much important because after completing your degree, you will not mark as a beginner. Another thing which is important to be considered is that media studies competitions are increasing day by day. That’s why you must consider your placement options carefully. You may get exposure to develop a niche during your second and third years.

Media Studies in Pakistan:

Digital Marketing Specialists

Media studies in Pakistan have its worth. The increase in the demand of media persons in the market opens new doors of career for students. There are many universities in Pakistan that are offering this degree for students. In Faisalabad, TUF is one of the best universities in Pakistan. I marked it as one of the best universities because they have professional and qualified faculty that guide students about their career goals and load them with knowledge.