BS Aviation Management

Bachelors in Aviation Management is HEC approved program for gaining insight into how airports and airlines operate. It also prepares the students for managerial challenges and mechanism-based management skills in the aviation industry. It helps you in your career to thrive in changing aviation environment.

Program of Aviation Management covers all facades, including flight operation management, air traffic, aviation career development, airport design and development, aviation policy and strategy, aviation security, global airline management, the human factor in aviation and aviation business strategies. In addition, it covers the areas related to organizing an airport, how to run the airport successfully, innovative skills of how airlines collaborate with partners for the safety and security of passengers.

BS Aviation degree is specially designed to harmonize basic aviation concepts with innovative business strategies. This program provides a rock-solid foundation of industry-standard aviation knowledge, principles of leadership and management.

If you have an inclination toward working around airports and airlines, then you can look into having a degree in aviation management which deals with managing connections between pilots and flying crew, supervising tasks of ground staff and overlooking the customer service operations.

The aviation management course helps you to work on high-level positions like air traffic control towers and airport security. You are taught everything, including communication skills, decision-making skills and leadership skills.

If you fulfil the requirements of the degree and are confident about your abilities, along with having a good portfolio, you will surely get a high paying job in addition to other opportunities of travelling and flying while working.

BS Aviation Management Scope In Pakistan

Aviation management is a very good option as students can have relevant scope in the Pakistan Air Force where they can serve as assisting employees and can be part of the flying cabinet of the force. After graduation, you are considered eligible for operational and executive jobs in the aviation industry. You can even make your career in the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan.

BS Aviation Management Scope In Pakistan

 Following are the areas in which students of Aviation management can have successful careers:

  • Air Space & Traffic Management
  • Aviation Safety Management
  • Flight Operation Management
  • Aviation Career Development
  • Global Airline Management
  • Aviation Security
  • Airlines Marketing Management
  • Airport Management
  • Leadership Skills in Aviation
  • Airlines Sales & Promotion
  • Airlines Financial Management
  • Aviation Entrepreneurship
  • Air Cargo & Ground Handling Services
  • Human Resources Management in Aviation
  • Aviation Research Method
  • Environmental Factor in Aviation Management
  • Aviation Strategy & Policy
  • Aviation Regulatory body of the Government

A person working in the field of Aviation management in Pakistan typically earns up to 130,000 PKR/month, and the figure can reach up to 190,000 PKR if you are above the 70th percentile of aviation managers in Pakistan. These salaries differ based on skills, experiences, location and gender

BS Aviation Management Subjects

Following subjects are covered in BS Aviation Management Degree :

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  • Introduction to information and communication technologies.
  • Principles of management
  • Psychology
  • Financial Accounting
  • Principles of marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Macroeconomics
  • Aviation sciences
  • Meteorology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Air space and traffic management
  • Aircraft planning and management
  • Aviation law
  • Health and safety environment of Aviation
  • Business finance
  • Flight operation management
  • Airline marketing management
  • Global Airline management
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Management Information System
  • Human factors in Aviation
  • Managerial leadership
  • Safety management system
  • Aviation security
  • Air transportation Management
  • Aircraft accident Investigation
  • Fiscal Aspects of Aviation