Role of Information Technology

What is IT

Information technology refers to the development, use and maintenance, of computer software, networks and systems. It includes the application in terms of network processing, research and management skills.  It carves distinction between purpose-built machines which perform a limited scope of functions and computing machines that can program various tasks. 

Role of information technology

Entering into a brand new year and a new decade, it is obvious to get excited about the possibilities that can benefit us in our burgeoning efforts of any desired sort. Taking new year resolution to learn new skills, accomplish personal goals and all, the very unexpected COVID-19 outbreak drastically affected everyone’s anticipated affairs.

In the middle of all confusion and chaos this virus brought, which urged us all into quarantine and prompted the world to a standstill, Information technology played a crucial role like an elite merchant in maintaining a sense of normality in everyone’s life. Salient is how IT has helped us in all sorts of businesses unquestionably for tackling the disruption last year. Hence, we have realized the fact that how leveraging advanced IT technology helps in gaining strategic advantages in all walks of life.

Role of information technology

Economic development depends upon various factors, out of which information technology is of crucial importance. Encompassment of the IT industry in all fields, whether related to education, health or any prudential nature, in one way or the other, has struck a conspicuous success.

Impact on economy

Information technology has manifested to be the chief determinant of economic growth in any country. It has a profound impact on the societal wellbeing of us all. It incorporates everything from resource allocation to distribution of income and flow of knowledge. The role of IT industry is pertinent in every aspect in the present era.

Information technology edges the sphere of the business world. It expeditiously permits the organizations to maximize productivity as it aids a lot of work to be done in a shorter quantity of time. Enterprise in the field of Information Technology implies that the services are meant to inflate e-commerce business opportunities with cost-effective savings

Information Technology in other fields

Since information technology encompasses every sector of our economy, mentioned below are some fields that collaboratively depends upon information technology

  • Education and training :
  • Accounting
  • Telecommunication
  • Cybersecurity and ethical hacking:
  • Banking
  • Retailing
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Research
  • Telemedicine
  • Science and technology:
  • Government and public administrations
  • Business and management
  • Hospitality industry
  • Food industry
  • Real state industry
  • Advertising industry
  • Mass communication
  • Manufacturing industry:
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Information Technology in other fields

Career perspectives

IT career is among the highest-paying sector in today’s workplace economy. We vigilantly focus on the career perspectives of our students in the field of IT. Students may seek employment in both management and technical  fields in the corporate sector, government, industry and other professional arenas as database administration, Quality Assurance, Enterprise architecture, Systems and Software Engineering,  network administration, business and systems analysis, IT project management, Database designing  Application Development, Information Security, telecommunication or electronic commercialization, Augmented Reality Designing, Multimedia programming  and a lot more

Business development executives, sales executives, SEO experts, SQA analysts, and developers of iOS, full-stack web, graphic, PHP, and websites all come under the confinement of Information technology.

Online earning

IT industry has provided considerable ways for online earning like  Dropshipping, affiliated marketing, publishing, freelancing, creating  applications, side gigs etc

Our efforts in Information technology

Shaping the lives of students, impacting their career journeys, providing them with capabilities to hone their analytical skills and learning, The University of Faisalabad sets them up well for the burgeoning future.

We are pursuing a multipronged strategy that follows nascent policy interventions to create a harmonized learning environment, harnessing indigenous innovation and research culture. We strive to create and sustain healthy resources which develop and retain the highest calibre of our students as we provide them with the best services and facilities

Information technology

With cutting-edge research and innovative courses in information technology, and keeping the curriculum quality which meets the requirement of 21st century under consideration, we provide best degrees including software engineering, artificial intelligence, and computer sciences. Our multifaceted courses in these fields focus on the dominant role of the IT industry in Pakistan and overseas. We take reasonable measures for timely adoption of cutting-edge technologies, keeping the socio-economic wellbeing of our students under consideration.

logies, keeping the socio-economic wellbeing of our students under consideration.

With a BS in Computer Sciences, we cover essential programming fundamentals like digital logic design, operating systems, web development,  telecommunication systems, mobile application development, object-oriented programming, and high-level programming. Our curriculum provides integration of all required components and foundations that grant the latest knowledge, fulfilling the vision of the future of our students. With a sense of delegation assigning challenging projects and setting stretch goals for our students, we groom our students to be the finest IT professionals.

Our efforts in Information technology

Coming toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) program, our committed faculty makes sure to cultivate vital concepts and practices regarding cognitive science, autonomous robotics, machine learning and all other mandatory courses which help our students in their career streak. AI enables computer systems and other devices to perceive and adapt in their environments. By use of software algorithms, these devices perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. Autonomous artificially intelligent optimized machines sense their environments, learn, think and respond on their own. They do this by recognizing and interpreting  sound, digitized text, and images, making it possible to, diagnose problems  suggest solutions and  give a response

Companies are now investing in artificial intelligence (AI) as making machines smarter is one of the most ingenious technologies, impacting business and industry. Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Developers are very well paid professionals in this field.