TUF MBBS Fee structure 2021


The University of Faisalabad offers a degree of MBBS, and it is best for those who want to pursue their careers as professional doctors. Each year the fees of all the degrees are increasing because of Government Tax. The University of Faisalabad offers quality education to students at affordable packages. To check out the fee structure,2021. You can visit the official website of the University.


Admission Information for Undergraduate Programs


The University of Faisalabad has 30+ undergraduate programs which contain dynamism, in-depth knowledge, regulated counselling, and plenty of research programs in multiple disciplines. The undergraduate programs consist of 4 to 5 years leading students towards critical thinkers, observers, problem solvers, and capable enough to build potential students for prosperous Pakistan.


To maintain the records file of every student, the University of Faisalabad has established admission, enrollment, freezing unfreezing issues, or any other academic issues. To make the social process easy, the University offers an online platform for the applicants to go through the online admission process with ease. Students can apply to use this platform.


There are many programs university offer in 2021 


  • BS Islamic Science
  • BS in Chemical Engineering¬†
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Artificial Intelligence
  • BS Information Technology¬†
  • BS Dermatological Sciences
  • BS Interior Design
  • BS Visual Communication Design
  • BS Animation Design
  • BS Dietetics Nutritional Sciences
  • BS Electrical Engineering(ELectronic)


  • BS Electrical Engineering (Computer Science)
  • BS Engineering Technology (Electrical)
  • BS Engineering Technology (Civil)
  • BS English
  • BS English (Translation Interpreting)
  • BS Business Administration
  • BS Commerce
  • BS Taxation
  • BS Media Studies
  • BS Nursing
  • Post RN BSN
  • BS Optometry