If you’re a university student then you need Top 7 Tips for Getting Better Organized at University, you don’t need me to tell you that things can get messy quick if you don’t stay organized. Managing a full course load, working part-time, and trying to fit in social activities or extra-curricular is tough.

How Should I Prepare for Exams?

For most of us, the university starts again in the next couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Fresher or if you’re an Oldie like me: It’s always important to stay organized and keep track of all the deadlines and projects coming up.

However, adopting some of the organizational strategies that I’m going to tell, you can decrease the stress you’re feeling and increase the amount of time you’re able to spend doing the things that you enjoy. Let’s get to it!

Top 7 Tips For Getting Better Organized At University

1) Keep a Study Diary

It’s such a basic step to take, but keeping a diary truly is the fastest and effortless way to get better organized. Ensure you write down all the deadlines which are looming and all the exams in the pipeline, just as pencilling in a schedule of all your lectures and tutorial groups at the back.

2) Have a Filing System

Coloured folders are your new closest friend, so set up a simple filing system to assist you with keeping your lecture notes in good order. A file for every module makes it simpler to discover things when it comes to revision or looking up information to help with your coursework. 

On a comparable note, make separate folders on your laptop where you can store your articles and valuable contact data for your mentors – you’ll be happy you did it the next time you’re in a last-minute panic over submitting your work.

3) Write To-Do Lists (And Stick to Them!)

People who make lists are always better organized, it’s just a fact. Sticking a plan for the day to your corkboard and ticking things off efficiently won’t just guarantee you on top of things but will likewise help keep you motivated.  

Try to list things arranged by priority so you can get things done in a sensible order, or then again start with a couple of simple errands so you can enjoy the fulfilment of scoring a couple of things off before you tackle the challenging tasks.

4) Get a Good Sleep 

Nobody feels particularly efficient when they’re not firing on all cylinders, so ensure you get a good night’s sleep in between your studies. Have a few late ones at the weekend, definitely, but the human body truly isn’t designed to pull all-nighters and you’ll regret it in the morning.  Wake up feeling revived and you’ll be more on the ball and better able to think straight the next day.

5) Keep Calm, Even When Deadlines Begin To Loom

This may be easier said than done when there’s so much going on and so much to cram in but getting into a blind panic certainly won’t help matters.  The better organized you are, the calmer you’ll feel, and the calmer you feel, the more organized you will become. 

Don’t let exam fear or terror about missing a deadline get the better of you – adopt a positive and consistent strategy to completing things and you’re bound to succeed.

6) Preparation and Keeping Lectures Organized

Easier said, than done, I know! You only want to spend time with your lecture notes when you necessarily have to. Which means when you’re going to attend the lecture itself or when you have to last-minute prep for the exam. Trust me, it took me four semesters to at last practice this tip also. But it makes your life such a great amount of simpler towards the finish of the semester.

Try to reconsider a couple of lecture slides the teacher discussed right after the lecture. It causes you to keep the data in your mind. Then again, if you attempt to prepare the upcoming lectures slides right before the lecture, it will help you to not only sit there and check your phone all the time but actually pay attention because you’re not completely clueless.

7) Motivation

The entirety of the tips referenced above are pleasant, but how are we gonna stick to them for the whole semester if we don’t reward ourselves? If you have stayed composed and worked hard today, treat yourself! Get your companions, go out for supper, or to the films. Do whatever sounds fun! Because else you won’t remain propelled for an entire semester.

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