The value of a job is the main thing which an employee motivated and somehow it becomes need that our work leaves a positive impact on the world. We provide you with unique information related to Bizarre Jobs. People around the world dream about high profile jobs with a handsome salary package but not everyone wants to be or can be a Doctor, Marketing Director, Engineer, journalist or lawyer. A few of us are captivated by the wired and enjoy the delight of having something different to do as compared to mainstream jobs.

Some people neglect the most common career options and have decided on something a little more abstract.  These jobs are known as Bizarre Jobs. So here’s a list of the strangest jobs in the world for your amusement, or perhaps even career counselling if you feel like your current job is too normal for a wild soul like you. We have compiled some of the weirdest jobs in the world, that sound too-unreal, too entertaining but probably not to everyone’s taste.  

List Of Bizarre Jobs

Professional Sleepers

Professional Sleepers

If you hate getting out of your bed for work in the morning, this could be the perfect job for you.  Yes there are some professional sleepers who get paid for sleeping.  In order to test the comfort of beds, a well reputed hotel in Finland hired staff members as a ‘professional sleeper’. The individual sleeps in a different one of the hotel beds each night and then gives a feedback about comfort and quality of beds.

However, the U.S. magazine once reported that in 2013 NASA was hiring regular people, but they had to do something pretty hard. That was to lie on a bed and move very little for a total of 70 days. One might wonder why NASA would want someone to do that, while paying handsomely for it?

Fake Mourners

Fake Mourners

Have you ever think about hiring fake mourners to come to a funeral and pretend to care? The answer is simply No for majority as some people are hearing about this job for the very first time.

There are certain reasons that Professional mourners are becoming more popular throughout the world. Many will contend that it isn’t right to benefit from memorial services and individuals who are grieving. It can also seem distasteful to trick other attendees and family members by ‘manufacturing’ emotions at a funeral. Think what you may, professional mourning is a now a source of employment.

Fake Mourners are professional criers who know how to make the grief look real, an impressive acting service that is also well paid for. Why would anyone hire people to cry? Well, it goes back centuries and the tradition could be found in Europe, but right now you might find these folks in countries such as China or Thailand. These countries are what you might call “face cultures”, meaning saving face is a big thing.

Train Pusher

Train Pusher

Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan is the busiest train station in the world according to the Guinness book of records. It’s a confusing maze of hallways and exists leading to more lines then we could possible mention, and on any way given day 3.5 million passengers will pass through this place. As you can imagine, during rush hour getting onto the train might not be easy and that’ where the pushers come in. These guys are call ‘Oshiya’ and if you were at that station and it wasn’t looking like you’d get fully into the train you might feel one of these guys on your back.

But it’s a job that needs doing because its well-known that many Tokyo trains run at overcapacity. If you didn’t get pushed in, the doors wouldn’t move, and nobody wants to be late for work, do they?

These train pushers have been operating as early as 1958 to present day, there are more than 90 pushers working at Shinjuku Station.  People are often so desperate to get to work and Pushers make sure these desperate people, get where they need to go on time.

Professional Stand-In-Liner

50 weirdest jobs that actually exist

Have you ever wanted to get something important (it could be anything),” but can’t stand to stand in line? Wish you had someone to do it for you? There are freelancers who will happily wait in long queues for you as long as you pay them some money.

Pet Food Testers

weird but wonderful jobs

The next job might surprise you as bit doesn’t sound real but this job is really existed and professional are earning a handsome amount from this occupation.

The job is pretty much involves tasting dog foods to identify flavors that dogs tend to enjoy or reject it meets quality as well as to check whether the food meets the standards of quality.  However, the people who are going to adapt this occupation, they must be true-blue animal lovers or someone who like to chew weird-tasting food.

Legal Bank Robber

Legal Bank Robber

Are you shocked to hear about this job? Don’t worry, in some countries robbers are legally hired to check the levels of security in place, and in the olden days, the job used to be straightforward, literally breaking into the bank.

Now there are still fake robbers, but penetration testing has extended to computer hacking, identity theft, phoning the operators and trying to trick them out of customer details and even impersonating a police officer to plant surveillance equipment in the vaults too.

After reading this, which job would you take now if we offered it to you? Tell us which one and why in the comments.