Communication is required for human experience. Since early civilization, man has conceived unlimited methods for sharing information, contemplations, thoughts, emotions, needs, and so forth.,  non-verbally through gestures, signs, actions, cavern drawings, the thumping of drums, and verbally through a common set of words and sentences leading to the advancement of umpteen languages on earth. We are here for providing information Speech and Language Pathology. 

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Communication skills improved over time, from graphic exchanges of pictures to the formation of the letter set, prompting the development of perusing and composing aptitudes. Today we convey through the electronic media, utilizing advanced instruments, for example, fax and telex machines, computers, television, cell phones, the Global Positioning System (GPS) introduced on seaborne vessels, and substantially more.

Thus the acquisition of speech and language Pathology is considered a dynamic skill innate to the human species. However, it is handily impacted by environmental, social, cultural, parental, and biological parameters.   

The miserable truth we faced in Pakistan until a couple of years prior was the absence of nationally-qualified professionals in the field of Speech-Language Pathology to work with kids and grown-ups with informative hindrances and gulping issues.

A survey conducted in Karachi to check the quantity of those affected elaborated the picture. It inferred that an estimated more than 22 million people in a general populace of more than 160 million experienced speech, language, gulping and/or hearing issues. At present, there are hardly few qualified Speech-Language Pathologists/Therapists (SLPs/SLTs) everyone of whom has qualified abroad to oblige the requirements of these 22 million people the country over.    

Understanding the gravity of this situation, stalwarts from the field of Pediatrics framed the Speech and Hearing Association of Pakistan (SHAP), a nongovernmental, noncommercial, willful association to draft a program that would oblige little kids, grown-ups and their families experiencing speech, language, hearing and/or gulping issues.


The ability to impart using speech and language is viewed as one of the most mind-boggling human accomplishments and is essential to self-improvement all through life. The bulk of our contacts and work is done through communicated in or composed language. When an individual can’t impart sufficiently and successfully, the capacity for relationships is diminished, the potential for accomplishment restrained, making an enormous impact on the quality of life.

Any speech or language issue that truly restricts children’s participation in learning activities can cause serious instructive difficulties, s/he can’t take an interest in various exercises that help him to develop socially and turn into a fruitful and sensibly balanced grown-up.

An individual with a significant hearing weakness may just have the option to impart successfully under positive conditions, for example, when utilizing a portable amplifier or through lip perusing or utilizing signs/signals. The outcomes of such handicaps in grown-ups incorporate professional handicap, which makes an individual dependant on others dissimilar to a self-supporting individual from the family.

What is Speech and Language Pathology/Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy is the treatment, support and care of people who experience issues with correspondence or swallowing. This may incorporate difficulties with Speech, Language and Cognition (point of view) or Physical Processes.   

 Career Opportunities

SLTs have the stupendous scope in our country and over the globe. The profession is rewarding and satisfying. It is a calling that may stand alone or work in corresponding with specialists, word related or physical advisors, educators or unique educationists as SLTs make life worth living for those distressed by communicative impairments.”   

The majority of the Speech-Language Pathologist jobs are in schools. Other speech advisors work in medical clinics, private centres, speech-language pathologists, nursing care facilities, home health care services, individual and family services, outpatient care centres and child daycare services. Speech-language pathologists regularly function as a part of a team, including instructors, doctors, audiologists, analysts, social workers, rehabilitation counselors and patirnts. Corporate speech-language pathologists likewise work with representatives to improve correspondence with their clients. 

Why SLP at TUF?

The extraordinary demand for services in this field had been felt, the preparation achieved; the bachelor’s program, long periods of instructing, both hypothesis and practicum, long periods of clinical work, personnel and staff necessities, and so on., are deliberately done by The University Of Faisalabad (TUF). The vision is clear, to serve the people in need of services thereof. Various proceeding with instructive projects, workshops and classes have been conducted at TUF.   

  • TUF’s degrees depend on hands-on training with a decent equalization of hypothesis and useful work.
  • At TUF you can exploit little class sizes, work and study with students from other allied health disciplines.
  • As a graduate of Speech and Language, you will have astounding work possibilities in numerous rehabilitation settings. You can go to work in medical clinics, schools and private centers.
  • The key element of the course is its in-house centre at Madinah Teaching Hospital, where you will benefit from special facilities and training. You will maximize your clinical skills through clinical placements in a diverse range of settings such as schools and