Living in a worldwide pandemic isn’t easy. As we wait for news updates and authority direction, we can encounter a lot of stress. We need to Practice Self Care During Quarantine.  What’s more, this stress can influence our emotional wellness.  It is a fact that we were so busy in our daily life that we were ignoring our own selves. In the hustle and bustle of competitiveness, the idea of self-esteem was losing its significance. 

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Currently, with this COVID-19 outbreak, we are fall being confined to our homes in order to prevent this pandemic from spreading considerably further. This is the perfect time to do all that was lacking in our daily routines. Remember that an uplifting mentality strengthens your immune system and a strong immune system is necessary to fight the viral disease. From now onward we should remove ourselves from the outside world as well as from media stages that are spreading negativity.

Ty to sleep enough, it will also boost up your immunity. It is essential to exercise daily with the goal that you stay strong and fresh. Try to build up another ability or expertise and show restraint. Drink some tea or coffee and get your preferred book that you have always wanted to read. The cell phone in your hand will assist you with getting back in contact with your old companions and far off relatives. Light a candle in your room and meditate. Stay hydrated. Don’t miss offering your prayers and be informed about the needy people around you. Most importantly seek forgiveness from God as this is the height of self-love.

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Practice Self Care During Quarantine

Turn your coronavirus self quarantine into a self care staycation. Whether you’re in lockdown or practicing social distancing, here are the following things to do while staying home in isolation.

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Call a Friend
  • Get dressed up 
  • Make art
  • Play or listen to music
  • Limit your time online.  
  • Put down your phone
  • Give yourself a break from the news
  • Find a new hobby
  • Engage in an old hobby  
  • Write your feelings in a journal  
  • Pour yourself a nice cup of tea 
  • Try a new recipe 
  • Cook an old favorite 
  • Read a good book 
  • Take some time to re-organize  
  • Hang out with your pet  
  • Watch something new and funny   
  • Watch your favorite film or show  
  • Take a virtual museum tour  
  • Make a list of things you’re grateful for  
  • Plan your next trip  
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Separate work from play
  • Tell the people you love that you love them  
  • Change up your routine—don’t get stuck in a rut 
  • Find a way to help others  
  • Spend time with family if you are together  
  • Remember you are not alone

If you are not engaging in your regular activities you might be focusing a lot of your attention on the things you can’t do.  Focus on some of the things you can do. I talked to friends who have decided that they will spend some of their time writing, reading.

If you are noticing what you are missing out on, see if you can find a way to feed that part of you. We, humans, need connection.  If you are not quarantined, then maybe reach out to someone who is, and support them.  Maybe you can pick up supplies for someone afraid to leave the house.