Management sciences is a wide interdisciplinary field of study for problem-solving and decision making in large human organizations with solid links to economics, business, engineering and other sciences.

It uses various scientific research-based analytical methods and principal strategies, including numerical algorithms, mathematical modeling, and statistics, to improve an organization’s ability to enact rational management decisions by arriving at optimal solutions to complex decision problems.

In short, management sciences help businesses to achieve goals using various scientific methods. The field initially developed an outgrowth of applied mathematics where early challenges were problems relating to optimizing systems that could be modeled linearly, i.e., determining the line performance, the optimal maximum value of profit assembly, crop yield, bandwidth, etc functions. Today management science encircles organizational activities for which problems can be structured as functionality to obtain a set of solutions with identifiable characteristics.


Management Sciences scope


MS is concerned with many different areas of study; one is developing and applying models and concepts that may prove helpful to illuminate management issues and managerial problems. The model used can often be represented mathematically, but sometimes computer-based visual or verbal representations are as well


Another area is developing and designing better models of organizational excellence.


Management sciences utilize probability, optimization and dynamic system theories to build models, analyze them mathematically, implement them on computers and, after experimenting with them, strives to make a practical impact to be a driver for change in the real world. Management scientists mandate is to use rational, systematic science-based techniques to inform and improve decisions of all kinds.

The tasks of management sciences aren’t restricted to business applications but may be applied to medical, military, public administration, charitable groups, political groups or community groups 


What is a management science degree?


There has been a quantum leap in the flourishing of the Management Sciences field

A management science degree polishes your technical expertise and develops your management abilities. It enhances your capabilities essential for career success, including problem-solving and decision making. It involves the integration of advanced methods into organizational systems. Students are given a combination of management and analytical courses, including corporate finance and operational training.


What subjects are included in management sciences?


Though variability is applied upon selection of elective courses, The University of Faisalabad offers the following subjects in Management Sciences :

  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics
  • Global marketing
  • Quantitative Decision Making
  • Business Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Research Method
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Finance


What subjects are included in management sciences

Elective Courses

Human Resource Management

  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management System
  • Career Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation Management
  • Change Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Seminar in Human Resource Management




  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • E-Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Export Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Sales Management
  • International Marketing




  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • International Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment & Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Analysis of Financial Statement
  • Corporate Governance
  • Behavioral Finance


What is the scope of Management Sciences in Pakistan?


With a degree in Management Sciences, its easier to find employment. Management Sciences is the degree that provides the practical approach to achieve the ground realities. Marketing organizations, multinational corporations, business consultancies, export companies and government agencies are offering a variety of jobs related to management sciences due to recent flourishing marketing trends. Job type depends upon the majors of your degree and the skills you develop throughout training.

Supervising resources, staff, financial reporting and marketing campaigns, working with advertising agencies (with the application of modern marketing orientations), overseeing equipment and machinery, ensuring timely completion of processes, organizing employees work and producing schedules, assigning sales territories, setting quotas, monitoring sales team, establishing management of sales operations in a commercial business setting, developing new business models while keeping recent marketing strategies under consideration, providing expert advice on management and financial aspects of business, all are examples of management work.


Mentioned below are some employment areas and job types related to Management Sciences


  • Employment areas
  • Import and export
  • General and Islamic banks
  • Business communication
  • education institutions
  • finance and auditing
  • industries
  • corporate firms
  • marketing firms
  • business houses
  • stock exchanges
  • chamber of commerce
  • business owner


Job types :


  • Admin officer
  • Operations support executives
  • Operation research analysts
  • Project manager
  • Top executives
  • Sales executives
  • Manager supply chain of big industries
  • Inbound and inventory manager
  • Business development
  • Executive director
  • Marketing consultants
  • Business consultants
  • HR consultants
  • Finance consultants
  • Business research analysts
  • Professors
  • Human resource managers
  • Product incharge
  • Marketing incharge
  • Bankers
  • Purchase officer
  • Financial advisor
  • Credit officer
  • Broker
  • Self employed
  • Entrepreneur


Management sciences salary in Pakistan


Master of Business Administration degree in Pakistan Average salary: Rs. 971,611 annually

There is no fixed salary for Management Sciences in Pakistan, but I must say this is the best degree with a handsome salary. The latest earnings of management sciences for freshens start from 30-40,000/month. Some who have good experience get Rs. 100,000 -150,000 /month.

Management sciences salary in Pakistan


The Average Salary for MBA Finance in Pakistan is 60,000 to 70,000, which is a very good amount on the starting base, and the salary has been increased with time and could be more than this figure because of the experience. Management Sciences is the degree that provides the practical approach to achieve the ground realities. It’s a good option for you if you are interested in the business field