Islamic studies

Students of Islamic studies have the perspective to adopt secular and historical perspectives in the study of the history, society, literature, and religion of societies shaped by Islam in the Middle East. North Africa and South-Eastern Europe.

Islamic studies is a secular and historical field of study that draws on philosophical methods for the Islamic world’s cultural and regional study. The field extends across historical, social, cultural, political, economic, legal, literary and religious aspects of religions shaped by Islam.

Thus, the field combines sound knowledge of Arabia, Persian, and Turkish with philological methods and methodologies from historical and literary research. The scope and diversity of potential research questions and areas of research within the field. This means that a rich plurality of methodologies characterizes Islamic studies with a basis in philology. The field also benefited from different disciplines and subjects. This enables contemporary research questions to be addressed in historical issues that can be considered in relevant contemporary aspects.

Significance of Islamic studies on the life of children and adults:

Islamic studies play a significant role in promoting Islamic education. They are an essential part of developing culture and environment. Children generally assimilate into their environment rapidly, often in a generation if unchecked, can lose their culture, religion, and Identity.

Islamic education provides the best foundations of Islam.

Islam guides the uses of ways to spend life, not simply a belief. To grow in Islam, the university plays a significant role in teaching How to maintain life at young age and adulthood. When a child is young, he is simple and quite impressionable, and ready to absorb knowledge like a sponge.

Islamic education educates students with the correct and right knowledge:

Providing Islamic practice from young and or correct information as they get opportunities and correct information to teach students in building Identity. 


Islamic studies deal with the life of a child. 

For children attending a secular primary or teen attending secular secondary school, they hardly contact Islam in any part of the world. To encourage children to become Muslims, Parents must send their children in Madrasahs to make their minds a few hours a week to put Islam into their minds. Throughout their education, they will keep in mind their teaching from Madrasah over the weekend.

Start conveying Islamic study from home:

If Islam is being practiced at home, it will automatically pass its significance to everyone. Mother is considered the first person responsible for conveying knowledge of Islam knowledge to children from the first day of his/her life.

Islamic studies colleges and universities in Pakistan:

  • The University of Faisalabad
  • The Government Sadiq College women university
  • The Islamic University of Bahawalpur 
  • University of Science and Technology 
  • University of Malakand
  • Bacha Khan University
  • Ghazi University
  • Gomal University
  • Government College University 
  • Government College University 
  • University of Gujrat 
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Federal Urdu University of Arts Science &Technology
  • National University of Modern Languages
  • University of Sindh
  • Shah Abdul Latif University
  • Kohat University of Science &Technology

Courses of Islamic Studies:


The University of Faisalabad is one of the best universities that offer Islamic studies programs. They have offered BS, MA and M.Phil.Programs. In these programs, students have 

covered many courses such as:

  • Introduction of topics of the Holy Quran
  • Islamic Ethics
  • Fiqh Al-Quran
  • Arabic Language 
  • Seerat un Nabi
  • Textural study of Al-Hadith 
  • Arabic Literature
  • History of Tafseer
  • Islamic Economic system
  •  Islamic Financial Institutions
  •  Fiqh-ul-Sunnah

 And there are many more.


Career opportunities:


Why is Islamic study preferable?

You may satisfy your inner self by studying Islamiat. Your faith on Islam increases as comparative studies are also thought of in MA/MS Islamiat. You may bring up your children better than an ordinary man. You may preach Islam better than an ordinary Muslim.

Who is the suitable candidate for Islamic study?

Muslims are the ones who love their religion and want to study Islamic Studies. A student interested in comparative studies or the Quran and Hadith is also welcome to learn it. Many schools colleges are offering this degree for becoming a multidimensional Muslim study Islamiat.

Career & Scope of Islamiat:

In Pakistan, Islamic study is a compulsory subject at the graduation level. That is why, if they pursue Masters in Islamic studies, they will get countless options in the education sector than any other degree. It will also help in applying in CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS exams. Plus, you will also get a chance in serving in different Islamic countries around the world. You may also get a job in any Islamic Madrassas, and the school also recruits higher degree holders in Islamiat. 

If you have an Islamic studies degree. There are many career options open for you.

  • They can serve in public sectors. 
  • They can be a part of 0non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian organizations.
  • They can be part of international and supranational organizations.
  • They can be enrolled in intercultural communication and cooperation.
  • They get a chance to work in integration work.
  • They also get the opportunity to serve in media and communications and journalism.
  • They also get a chance in the cultural sector and cultural institutions.
  • They are eligible to serve in the tourism industry.
  • They can serve as political and business consultancy.
  • They can serve as a security services provider.
  • You can pursue your career as an Islamic and Mystic writer.

Therefore, Islamic studies are one of the best subjects; as Muslims, we all have some background related to Islam. If students want to pursue this program, they will get countless professionals, which lead them to success.

A Birthday anniversary of Syeda Hazrat Fatima ( SA ) held in university