Note: Misrepresentation of facts or false information will lead to cancellation of candidature/admission at any stage


  1. For applying to TUF through TUF Admission Registration Form you must have a valid email ID. While filling out the registration form, your activation code/link will be sent to this email address.

Step 1. Create Account

  1. Open any updated web browser compatible with TUF.
  1. Enter this URL: Click on Login/Sign up.

Note: Registered by providing a valid email address and other details. The email you choose to use should be an email you will have access to indefinitely. Please avoid using your school or work email address.

  1. Enter Full Name, Select Gender, Select your degree, Add a valid mobile number, and add your CNIC number.
  2. Then, create a solid password, Add a confirmed password.
  3. Click on Create account.

Apply in TUF


Step:2  Email Verification

After account creation, a popup message will appear on your screen: “Your account has been created successfully, and an activation mail has been sent to your email account.” Please check your email. “

Email Verification

Step: 3 Personal Information

  1. The candidate has to fill his/her name spelling as per secondary school certificate /equivalent qualification.
  1. Add your email address, mobile phone number, landline phone number (optional), gender, blood group, date of birth, marital status, CNIC, religion, nationality, country, state, city, and official address.
  1. Upload recent passport-size photographs (with a plain background). Photographs should be formal, passport-size (full-face studio picture) without sunglasses.
  1. Upload the front and back side pictures of CNIC

Personal Information


Fill out the address details section; if your current address differs from your permanent address, include both addresses.

Submit the phone numbers which are active for receiving the calls and SMS.


Step: 4 Program Choices

  1. Choose the programme options for which you want to apply; you can select or add more than one discipline or programme in your application.
  1. You can change and remove the programme at the time of application.

Program Choices

Program Choices

Step:5 Academic Information

  1. Fill in the education details and start from the lowest “SSC/Matric” and so on.
  1. Choose your qualification, institution name, total marks, obtained marks, and graduation year.
  1. Upload scanned documents of each degree.
  2. Add more to add a new degree, and then click on Save & Continue for the next step.

Academic Information

Step:6 Family Information

  1. Add family information about your father, mother, and siblings.
  2. Fill in your father /mother /siblings’ name, email address, mobile phone number, landline number, and occupation.
  3. Mention income, CNIC, and company name
  4. Upload a scanned copy of your father’s CNIC, then click on the “Submit” button.

Family Information

Step: 7 Application Summary

  1. Once again, read the form carefully and make any changes if necessary. You will not be able to make changes after that.

Application Summary


  1. Ensure correct filing of the form and full information required in the online application for TUF admission.
  1. Click on “Submit Application.”


  1. Confirm that your form was submitted successfully and that you have received the confirmation email from the TUF Admission Directorate.
  1. Misrepresentation of facts or false information will lead to the cancellation of candidature/admission.
  1. When you are offered admission for a certain discipline, you have to deposit the fee within the given time otherwise, admission will be canceled.