How to meet yourself? What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘perfection?’ One might think of excellent academic results, a mind-blowing painting on canvas, or an all-rounder person in general. All these are our own made-up definitions — definitions we’ve been taught by those who define the norms of society.

From our very childhood, we have been taught to always do better, never settle for what we have and that we can always make more effort. Somehow, in our desire do the very best, we lose ourselves. Living our life beautifully and spending this life running after perfection is clearly two different things. Sadly, sometimes we are not able to differentiate between the two. We always think it is okay to aim for and expect the best. But when our expectations break, we break down too.

There are times when we change ourselves and our lives for other people, to make them happy and meet their expectations. Looking at ourselves through the eyes of others is not fair to our own selves. This way we start to see flaws of the kind that don’t even exist! With an obsession for perfection, we become people-pleasers as we desperately try to mould ourselves into a shape that is desired by the world, thus making us lose our originality.

How to meet yourself?

Such people don’t really live but barely survive in this unwanted man-made race. And this may lead to self-hate. Give up trying to live for others and live for yourself. You’re the best and the most beautiful version of yourself and there’s no one else like you. Embrace your individuality in a world full of copycats. Your skin colour, acne, moles, hair, face, weight, height — every single part of yours is perfect the way it is. Do not change yourself so you could “be” like the rest. You do not have to be like the rest. In university when we participate in different activities we can found our status of learning. 

Your original self is beautiful, so embrace it. Embrace every flaw of yours too, and be proud of it. It’s a part of you and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Secrets to Meeting Yourself

1) Realize who you truly are, not who you want to be

Can you meet yourself

I know you already have a set idea of who you desperately want to be, but it might not be who you were designed to be; this is why knowing who you really are is so important. When you know who you are, you will finally see where you and your specific gifts fit into the bigger picture.

It’s time to pay more attention to what you think of you… and more importantly how you feel.  If you are leaning in the direction of loving you, being kind and compassionate to you… you’re headed in the right direction, not to mention in the direction of all that you’ve ever asked for.

2) Stop judging, and appreciate your divine self

I want you to start creating your life, your body, your money, your relationships, your joys, your personal transformation from a space of pure unconditional love and appreciation for where you are.  I want you to see yourself through the eyes of Source.  Not because you’ll manifest quicker from this space (umm but you will) but because it’s TRUTH.

3) Find what you are passionate about.

Following passion of any kind is a good thing, and you need to pay attention when it comes because it indicates an area of life that you need to pay more attention to. If we’re talking about following your passion in work, it’s a good thing. And if we’re talking about having more passion for life, it’s a good thing. Focus more on passion; understand yourself in better ways, and you’ll make a bigger impact. Passion produces effort and continuous effort produces results.

Meet Yourself Where You’re At

4) Know the present is perfect

The past is the past, the future is the future… but only NOW exists.  In fact, there was never a time when your life was not right now.  This is where you create, resonate, and vibrate your energy.  You can not create in the past.  You can only create in the beautiful and juicy present moment.  Only the present exists.   The only way you might make the present more perfect than it is — would be if you were to make a decision to focus your vitality and your thoughts on the fact this present moment is perfect in its own right.


Utilize your appearance to battle your biggest apprehensions because when you comprehend what your identity is intended to be, your motivation will become greater than your feelings of dread. When you understand what your identity is, you will invest less energy in wasting your time. Concentrating on your qualities gives you the r needed traction to begin making a bigger and better difference in the world When you know yourself, you will discover more harmony, and you will discover achievement quicker than ever before.

Remember, you must love yourself enough not to let others treat you in a harsh manner. Lastly, eat as much as you want, laugh as much as you want, talk as much as you want, be goofy with your favourite people as much as you want, explore the world as much as you want, read as many books as you want to, watch as many movies as you want to, collect as much knowledge as you want to, dress whichever way you like, smile as much as you want to — as long as you are being your true self, it’s totally okay.

Accept yourself the way you are and that is perfection.