Self believe is the key point of success but most people don’t know How To Develop Self Belief so we are here to discuss The Power Of Believing In Yourself. In an answer to this question, usually, we go by starting with our name and then we talk about some types of professionals, sometimes the achievements we have made in the life and maybe our nationality, religion etc.  But it is also a reality that our name, nationality, culture and even religion are all external to our actual and personality to the person inside us. They are not the things which are an intrinsic part of our personality but they’re the things that we acquire from our environment.

Somebody gave us a name for born in a particular country, we moved to one and we selected a particular field or probably, but again these are all the things that we acquire from the environment externally and the question is so, is there a deeper meaning in life?  Is there a more profound something that we can identify ourselves without looking at what we have done in life and what we are doing?

How To Develop Self Belief?

People should first recognize the purpose of their existence. They should know about their ‘self’. Once people will recognize their self and ‘belief in self’ then unstoppable achievements will chase them.  If we are talking about self-belief, it will be an injustice to forget the concept of ‘Khudi’ by our national poet, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Iqbal’s poetry appeared in the crucial time for the people of the sub-continent when they lost their identity. Iqbal was concerned and he started efforts for the revival of the status of Muslims. His vibrant poetry stirred the dead into life and infused a renewing and fresh sense of identity and self-manifestation in his readers.

The dominant idea that Iqbal emphasizes is that knowing oneself is in fact an immediate perception of God. He focuses his attention on the individual “I”, thus shifting the emphasis from divine to human. The path of recognition of the self is the path that takes one to contact with the Absolute. Iqbal’s whole conception of the growth of the selfhood consists of three levels: i- the self and “I am ness (intrapersonal) ii- the self and the other (interpersonal) iii- the self and God (transpersonal).

What is Self-belief?

I can do it’, ’I will do it’, ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am beautiful’, these are the few motivational and encouraging words which are important for every single dream, vision or idea in your life, as you could achieve milestones only if you believe on yourself. In every corner of the world, the only thing which supports you is your self-confidence. It’s a gatekeeper that stands between current and future. Self-belief is often defined as confidence in your own skin, abilities or judgement.

Most people struggle with lack of self-confidence, for example, I’d say I am quite a confident person socially But I lack belief in my own intelligence and always seem to need validation and encouragement of others.

Self-belief is such a crucial quality to possess, as without the power to believe your own worth and actions you’ll struggle to succeed in your full potential and live a less fulfilling life. If you don’t believe in your ability you won’t achieve the standards that you’re capable of. If you don’t believe in your own judgements you will become indecisive and less willing to take risks. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin this can affect your happiness and confidence.

But why should believing in and loving yourself be perceived negatively? We should all love ourselves as we all bring something unique to the planet.

It is documented that self-belief can contribute to mental wellbeing. Often those who lack esteem are more vulnerable to feeling low, socially awkward, shy, ashamed and doubtful. On the other hand, no one can deny the fact that due to advancement of digital media, has badly influenced our lives as we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic standards of bodies and lifestyles; which make people paranoid about their own life when they compare themselves to those celebrities and influencers. When it involves self-belief, comparisons are the WORST, as they will knock your confidence, even more, making you are feeling like you’ll never be ok.

Just think for a while, that you are not confident about achieving your study or career goals, you will feel devastated and ultimately low self-esteem will dominate your confidence and probably you will lose the purpose of your life.  I’ve always been told, “If you believe you will achieve”. Although this may come across as trivial, I strongly believe that if you go into something with a positive mindset with thoughts of “I can do it”, rather than “I really don’t think I can do this”, you are more likely to perform better. That is the reason in university presentation are conducted 

Things You Can Do to Boost Self-Confidence

  • Before going into details, we have to understand the concept of ‘visualization’. It is basically a technique of seeing an image of yourself that you are proud of, in your own mind.
  • When we struggle with low self-confidence or self-esteem, we have a poor perception of ourselves which is not a good thing. Practice visualizing a positive and strong version of yourself. Powerful visualization exercise means you can learn from yourself how to be confident, have self-belief, and behave in ways which maximize chances of success.
  •   One thing you can do to boost your confidence level is dealing with your inner negative voice.  We shouldn’t assume there’s nothing to improve about ourselves.  Take any negative belief you have about yourself and creatively flip it so that it becomes, in its place, a positive resource.
  • Once you will start positive mentoring of yourself there will be no need of any motivational leader in your life. If you notice doubts rearing their ugly heads, imagine you are the coach and the anxious part of you is the person you need to talk to.


Self-belief doesn’t mean arrogance or blindness to one’s own shortcomings. Then again, it doesn’t mean believing that you are perfect as you are, either. Your self-belief really needs to be focused on what you will become. And an important part of self-belief comes from knowing your weaknesses and being relaxed about them.

Self-belief gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with setbacks by seeing them for what they are: temporary setbacks, not the end of the world. And something else you’ll notice: As your self-belief grows, people around you start to believe in you more, too. Because it really isn’t the feather – it’s you. I hope you understand the concept behind How To Develop Self Belief? so know be confident and do what you want