Doctor of Optometry As a career in Pakistan is an eye healthcare degree course alludes to the study of measuring vision, recognizing eye or visual illnesses, treating eye wounds and recommending corrective lenses. It is probably the best field in order to build a splendid future if you want to turn into a doctor. There are various school and colleges in Pakistan which are offering optometry.

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An optometrist recommends and fits lenses to improve vision and recognizes as well as treats different eye diseases. The term optometry is gotten from the Greek word ‘optos’ which means eye or vision and ‘metria’ which implies measurement. The optometrists are doctors who perform eye assessment, analyze vision conditions, and endorse remedial treatment. They are professionals who have specialized in eye care and deal with eye testing and giving answers for patients who experience the ill effects of fractional sight, genetic vision defects, squint, debilitating of eye muscles and so on.

What is an Optometrist?

Optometrists or optometric doctors are essential eye care and wellbeing professionals concerned with vision care. They are specialists in determining one’s refractive error and recommending proper rectification. They manage vision screening (eye testing), diagnosis of visual issues, orthotics and vision preparing, optometric advising of patients with partial sight, partial blindness and inherited vision defects, and designing and fitting of spectacles, contact lens and low vision aids.

They additionally recommend vision treatment eye exercises to patients whining of visual side effects, for example, squint, and so on. Optometrists are often the health care providers who consult with patients about new technologies and treatments like these.

• Examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases, injuries and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures
• Counsel patients regarding surgical and non-surgical options to meet their visual needs
• Identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye, like diabetes or high blood pressure
• Prescribe medications
• Perform certain surgical procedures
• Provide vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation
• Assist patients with eyeglasses and contact lenses

Job Prospects & Career Options

The Optometry As a career practise in Pakistan and abroad is incredible and boundless. It is a dynamic and challenging profession which could accomplish self-improvement, community regard and offers work adaptability, financial success and boundless chances.

After completing the course on Optometry, an Optometrist has different vocation openings. They can set up a free practice by beginning their own eye clinic, optical shop, lens manufacturing unit etc. They can work with Optician showrooms, Eye doctors, Contact Lens and Ophthalmic lens industry, medical clinic Eye departments and so forth.


Optometrists can likewise look for work with any multi-national organization dealing with eye care products as professional services executives or take up teaching as a career. They can pursue advanced education or can go for additional examination in the field of Optometry. Optometrists could likewise take up the work of occupational health specialists in the vision care of industrial workers.

so many optometry employments in Pakistan are prevailing in the field of optometry. BSc optometry in Pakistan degree holder can easily employ in following job sectors.

Job Opportunities in Optometry As a career 

• Public and Private Hospital
• Private Clinic
• Research Departments
• Manufacturing Industries
• Pharmaceutical Firms
• Forensic Labs
• Bio-Medical Industries
• Manufacturing Industries
• Research Journals etc

TUF Among Leading Universities Offering Optometry

The University Of Faisalabad (TUF) invites students to join in this wonderful experience in Department of optimality to increase their insight and knowledge in vision sciences. Being the pioneers of the degree of Optometry in Pakistan, TUF offers the best and most complete degree programs in this field.

It cater for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Optometry, with a very well trained faculty, a team of extremely competent doctors at our sister hospital MTH and a vast array of activities to optimize the learning experience, TUF also have the best research opportunities available with a well-equipped postgraduate lab to boost research and academic skills alongside excellence in clinical training.

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