This planet is truly changing before our eyes, and it’s difficult to comprehend the implications and effects of these seismic shifts on our way of life and lifestyle and don’t know how to Face Your Fear. What will travel resemble later on? What will befall the business sectors? Will work ever be the same? 

The more I work with people who are struggling for job with habits or life problems, the more I see how fears are holding us back. I have learned a lot about fear in my life as a professional writer, and I’ve learned that the only difference between people who achieve greatness and those who do not is that the former ditched their fear.  

Fear is, for better or worse, something I know a lot about. I live most of my life feeling really fearful during study period in the university of so many different things. I hope that you don’t feel as fearful as I do and not about as many things as I do.

So the kind of fear I’m talking about is in the category of what I’d call psychological or emotional fear. I’m not talking about physical fear, so I’m not suggesting that we should overcome our fear of bungee jumping or fear of heights. That is a separate category in my mind. We all have fear – it’s a feeling that is as ordinary as relaxing. The issue is that many people stick to their fears, and are in this way incapable to push ahead in their lives with essential change.

Probably the hardest activity when you’re attempting to push ahead in your life, is to not permit the fear you’re feeling in the process to hold you down. So often as an author, I found myself feeling trapped and suffocating from my own personal internal fears. They crept in my mind, infesting my thoughts. For some time, I really didn’t have confidence in myself and abandoned me altogether.

Fears stop us from building healthy and productive habits. Fears cause us to procrastinate, keep us from finding work that is meaningful (or doing that work if we’ve found it). Fears keep us from finding friends or connecting with people on a deeper level. Fears keep us from being happy in each moment.

Underlying all of those fears are a few key fears:

  • Fear of failure or being unprepared
  • Fear of uncertainty
  • Fear of being inadequate or being rejected
  • Fear of success, interestingly
  • Fear of the unknown – fear of the unknown is a big one for me personally, or
  • Fear of rejection – that’s a big one too
  • Fear of losing face, being laughed at
  • All kinds of related fears

The problem with fear is that it tends to make us withdraw. It tends to make us shrink, feel small. It tends to make us not take that step that we know could really put us where we want to be.

Face Your Fear

1) Recognize your fear: What exactly are we afraid of or painfully uncertain about? Failure? Perhaps success, intimacy, appearing foolish, losing credibility, etc.? Fear begins to lose its capacity when we recognize it. Increasing comprehension of fear and what makes us be apprehensive really causes us manage it. Name it, and you start to reclaim your capacity. Get clear what you’re anxious about? It very well may be anything.

2) Acceptance:  Maintain a strategic distance from the propensity to deny or pass judgment on fear. Simply try to welcome uncertainty. What are the little advances we can take regardless of being apprehensive?. Connect with your heart and recall why you’re deciding to face the challenge. The power lies in why. You need to give up them and become ready to make an alternate reality. Your life won’t turn out contrastingly except if you accomplish something else.

3) Action: Until the torment of restrictions brought about by our fear is more prominent than the hazard it takes to confront it, we will keep on noting fear with a battle/flight/freeze reaction. Keep in mind, almost certainly, self-made fear isn’t real. Remember what real genuine and remain associated with what your heart is pulling you toward. At the point when fear, uncertainty and tension drag in, tap into that, trust it and move forward with a heart wide open.

Face Your Fear and Enjoy the Ride

3.1 Learn to start loving yourself

For Face Your Fears Piece by piece this helped me to begin recuperating. When I started supporting myself, the fears I felt didn’t appear to control my life anymore. I started to have clarity on the most proficient method to deal with predicament and difficulties with more grace, persistence and positivity. I began assuming responsibility for what I needed with my life.

3.2 Record your past success

We fail to celebrate when we succeed. Consider each time of your life and search for your victories. This will reinforce your confidence in yourself. Start as ahead of schedule as age five, when you figured out how to ride a bicycle.

3.3 Develop self-belief

Concentrate on being prepared and arranged for the miracle, associations, favourable luck and wonderful encounters, achievement and euphoria that are yours if you are eager to work brilliant, hard and be available to it. You are commendable and meriting. Always remember that.

I hope after reading the tips you can Face Your Fears