The Faculty of Arts, Designs, and Architecture at the University of Faisalabad was created to provide interior design students with a path to follow their interests. Information about the TUF arts, design, and architecture faculty will be provided in detail on this blog. Let’s start with the definition of interior design at its most fundamental. The practice of developing an interior environment that addresses, safeguards, and satisfies human needs is known as interior design. It involves the integration of process and strategy, a mandate for well-being, safety, and health, with well-informed decisions about style and aesthetics to provide a creative, technical, sustainable, and functional interior solution that conforms to the architecture of a space.

BS Arts

Interior design industry: With Pakistan’s expanding urbanization and changing lifestyle, interior design has expanded tremendously and is now one of the most in-demand careers there. The market pattern reveals a remarkable growth in interior designers’ interest. Many individuals rely on professionals to design rooms so they can live comfortable and contented lives. People are drawn to theme-based interiors and styles to make their homes stand out, which could result in a growth in interior design jobs in the years to come.

What qualifications and skills are needed to be an interior designer?

Interior design degree:

To learn about building codes, inspection requirements, construction permits, contract administration, contract standards, professional practice, design application, and project coordination, you must have a degree in interior design and at least a year of relevant experience.

Interior designers pay close attention to how different designs are interpreted. For instance, they may notice a specific work of art and recognise how the subject, color, or style affects the mood.

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Artistic mind and design eye:

A key component of being a renowned interior designer is honing your “design eye” and sense of fashion. Start analyzing and observing your surroundings, from residences and apparel stores to building decorations.

Project Management skills:

The ability to communicate effectively with vendors and construction contractors, meet deadlines, and keep projects organized are all essential for meeting customer expectations.

Designing software:

Nearly all professional-level interior designers complete their project blueprints in specialist software programmes known as computer-aided design tools since sketches and drawings are a necessary aspect of the interior designing process (CAD).

How do I start an interior design career?

There are a few essential steps to be utilized to get started on the career path:

Educate your eye:

 No matter what age you are, whether you are beginning your training degree or working in a practical field, you can develop your sight. The awareness of your environment is the most important aspect in developing a sharp design sensibility. Everything has a feeling and purpose. To start developing intriguing thoughts about various styles, including playful, bold, muted, futuristic, classic, or whatever you are naturally inclined to, check out furniture galleries, museums, art, vintage, clothes shops, etc.

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Study Interior design:

To practise interior design, one needs formal education and at least a bachelor’s degree. A master’s or associate’s degree may still be required depending on the company you will be working for. Even while certified degrees in fields like design theory and architecture are encouraged, don’t let your degree deter you.

Seek out formal training:

After graduating, it’s important to look for possibilities to gain professional experience and a portfolio. Look around for entry-level positions, internships, or apprenticeships at interior design businesses since you will typically require at least one year of full-time on-the-job experience and training before you can officially market yourself as an interior designer. The ability to think creatively, solve problems, and take a meticulous approach are essential for success in this industry.

Work for a branch or firm on your own :

You are free to pursue any design work you are interested in if you are qualified to practise in this profession. This includes working for an existing firm or starting your own small business to provide design services and find clients independently. The key is to pay attention to the needs of the client.

In Pakistan, there are numerous institutions and universities that provide interior design courses. Learn about interior design courses, employment opportunities, and entrance requirements in Pakistan if you also plan to pursue a career in this area.

Salary of Interior designer

Due to the wider range of abilities required by designers, interior design salaries are higher than those of interior decorators. The interior designer has greater earning potential due to the increased knowledge requirement. Interior designers concentrate on enhancing the standard and security of a home or building and the total functionality of the same structure or home. Interior designers typically concentrate on the beauty of a home or structure. Since their work occasionally begins before a structure is even constructed, interior designers must be familiar with plans. Designers must know how to create proposals and work within a client’s budget. The precise information an interior designer will receive in school will be reflected in their remuneration. Pay for interior design

There are many institutes and universities in Pakistan that provide interior design courses. If you want to work in interior design, find out about the courses available, job openings, and entry criteria in Pakistan.

Salary of Interior designer

Interior design salaries are greater than those of interior decorators because designers need a wider range of skills. Due to the enhanced expertise requirement, the interior designer has higher income potential. The standard and security of a building or residence, as well as its overall functionality, are the main concerns of interior designers. Interior designers frequently focus on a building or home’s aesthetic appeal. Because of their employment, interior designers need to be conversant with blueprints.

Polish Your Designing Skills at TUF

The University of Faisalabad (TUF) interior design programmes provide dynamism, in-depth information, controlled guidance, and a wealth of research in the relevant sectors. The four to five-year programme instils vigilance, dedication, and effective efficiency in the students as responsible citizens by teaching them to examine and solve problems of a crucial nature. One of TUF’s progressive colleges is the School of Interior Design. With a 100% job placement rate, its fashion design, textile design, graphic design, and interior design graduates are in high demand by Pakistan’s fashion and related industries.

Objectives of these programs

These programs should be developed to achieve the following objectives:

Objectives of these programs

  • To address the need for training professionals who are ethically sensitive to the norms, needs, and values of the profession and society, reflecting curiosity, flexibility, empathy, imagination, expansive thinking, and critical analysis not only in their designs but also in their various ways of life.
  • To give students the chance to pursue specialized design pedagogy that aligns with their interests and demands and is positioned in between the design borders of landscape, lighting, furniture, and architecture.
  • To create a pool of professionals with advanced degrees who are experts in their fields, to support building interiors with resources, and to do study on the standards of spatial environments and how they affect our daily behaviours.
  • Encourage concepts, tactics, codes, and approaches that will help establish a strong multi-disciplinary approach to design while promoting successful studio instruction and collaborative learning across different disciplines and mediums.

Role and Scope of Arts , Designs and Architecture

  • Interior Designers
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Sustainable Ecofriendly Designers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Furniture Designers
  • Healthcare Designers
  • Corporate Identity Developers
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Event Planners/Organizers
  • Exhibition Designers
  • Art therapist
  • Museum Curators
  • Visual Artists
  • Sculptors
  • Miniature Painters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Web Designers
  • Multimedia Animators
  • Creative Directors
  • User Experience Designer
Role and Scope of BS Arts

Focused young female artist drawing sketches using colored pencils sitting at her stylish workshop.


  • Islamic Studies/Ethics
  • Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation I
  • English I [Reading & Writing Skills]
  • MATH-101
  • Mathematics
  • Introduction to Information & Communication Technologies
  • Drawings & Graphics
  • Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation II
  • English II [Communication Skills]
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Basics of Design
  • Visual Communication*
  • History of Art & Design I
  • Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation III
  • English III [Technical Writing & Presentation Skills]
  • Psychology
  • Design Studio – I
  • Art & Society [Critical Theories]
  • History of Art & Design II
  • Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation IV
  • Sociology
  • Design Anthropology
  • Design Studio – II
  • Advanced Visual Communication*
  • Photography
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Textiles & Design
  • Interior Decoration
  • Digital Communication
  • Interior Design Studio – I
  • Fundamentals of Interior Design
  • Research Methodology
  • Material & Technologies
  • Advanced Digital Communication*
  • Furniture Design
  • Interior Design Studio – II
  • Language of Interior Design – I
  • Building Systems & Services
  • Lighting Systems
  • Language of Interior Design – II
  • Thesis Studio-I
  • Professional Practice & Ethics
  • Landscape Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Thesis Studio – II



The fields of interior design and graphic design are regularly expanding, and this blog aims to include all the vital information prospective students need to know about TUF’s interior design programme.