We are all aware of how crucial understanding the law is to create a society free from conflict. Humanity invented the law in order to bring justice, fairness, and equality into society. Law protects victims and holds those who commit crimes accountable. Law school education encourages people to respect and comprehend the legal system.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law was founded in 2021 and provides undergraduate students with a 5-year B.A.LLB degree programme once a year. The Department of Law adheres to the curriculum that was recommended by the Curriculum Revision Committee and accepted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The Department of Law at TUF complies with the requirements outlined in the Rules and guidelines/directives published by the Pakistan Bar.

One of the respected undergraduate degrees is a law degree. In every country in the globe, lawyers are revered. An idealistic person can realistically change the world by pursuing a legal degree. The majority of the world’s leaders who have enacted significant change were attorneys. In current culture, lawyers take on a variety of duties. A lawyer supports children in adoption, defends and protects constitutional rights, represents criminal defendants in court, and speaks out against unethical adoption practices. Additionally, you will have the authority to amend laws that are unjust or detrimental to social welfare and assist in the creation of legislation that is required for the advancement of Pakistani society.

Objectives of the Program

The following are the program’s objectives:

  • To provide students with the necessary legal knowledge and skills
  • To make it possible for program graduates to find work in industries related to the legal profession, such as lawyers, judges, notaries, private corporations, non-governmental organizations, private organizations, etc.

Objectives of the Program

Mission Statement for the Program

  • When the programme is over, the students should:
  • Gain a solid awareness of the socio-legal context and legal principles, as well as analytical and research abilities.
  • Become critically aware of and knowledgeable about a variety of law courses that span the complete spectrum of legal knowledge.
  • be encouraged to study law by exposing them to a variety of disciplinary approaches.
  • be introduced to a diversity of disciplinary approaches to legal study, which will inspire them to consider the complexity of legal practise and the spectrum of perspectives available for interpreting the place of law in modern society.

Career opportunities:

After receiving their degrees, LL.B students have a wide range of alternatives available to them. In actuality, it is a bachelor of arts in law degree. It has a 5-year term. Numerous universities and colleges in Pakistan offer this LL.B curriculum, yet many students choose the wrong career route.

You can pursue your career in a law firm. You can serve as in-house counsel. You could work in the legal department of a corporation.

You have a variety of employment options, including working in law firms, as in-house counsel, or in corporate legal departments. You can work as staff attorneys or defence attorneys. You could work as a lawyer. Additionally, you can pursue careers as transactional, office-practice, or non-trial attorneys. You can work as a corporate attorney or legal counsellor.

Career opportunities

Junior-level legal jobs for LLB degree holders

  • calendaring clerk
  • court clerk
  • court legal advisor
  • magistrates’ clerk
  • court messenger
  • document coder
  • file clerk
  • junior barrister clerk
  • legal transcriptionist
  • legislative assistant
  • mailroom clerk

Courtroom career choices

You can work as a chief court clerk, a CART supplier, or a broadcast captioner. The court administrator, court interpreter, or stenographer are all options. You can apply for positions as a courtroom assistant or a courtroom technology specialist. You can apply for positions as a jury commissioner, deposition or legal videographer, or jury selection expert. For LLB holders, positions as a litigation secretary, litigation examiner, and legal reporter are now available in courtrooms. You can apply for positions as a judge, mediator coordinator, protonotary, or webcaster.

Legal career opportunities for LLB students

You can work with public law companies or private law firms, and you can associate your degree with any type of legal company. People holding an LLB degree can work for legal assistance organizations, community legal clinics, or these start-up legal businesses also work with boutique legal services. Any charity or business serving the public’s interest may solicit your services as a lawyer. We work with non-governmental groups as well as organizations that are not for profit. Working with think tanks is an option.

Other legal careers are available to LLB students.

  • pretrial service officer
  • asylum officer
  • customs officer
  • law enforcement department.
  • legislative assistant or legislative analyst
  • accident reconstructionist
  • Serving in trust department of all kinds of banks
  • civil or immigration rights analyst
  • lobbyist
  • conflicts analyst
  • public interest advocate
  • compliance officer.
  • victim compensation officer
  • congressional affairs sort of specialist


Career in Pakistan after LLB

What professions are available in Pakistan following an LLB? This page will tell you what careers you can have after you have completed your bachelor of arts degree in the area of law. This page is vital for all students who have recently completed their LLB studies. There are many careers you can pursue in this area. There are several employment opportunities available to you while pursuing this legal education. Both the federal and state governments, as well as the state levels, offer you job prospects. You can work for law firms or groups that promote civic engagement.

Career in Pakistan after LLB

  • Job of Asylum Officer
  • Immigration Officer
  • Work as International Trade Specialist
  • Auditor
  • Investigator
  • Case Manager
  • City Planner
  • Legal Correspondent
  • Civil Rights Advocate
  • Jury Consultant
  • Claims Advisor

Other job types for LLB students

  • Job of Adjustor
  • Career as Legal Technology Consultant
  • Work as Commercial Developer
  • Lobbyist
  • Job of Compliance Officer
  • Career as Natural Resources Officer
  • Work as Conflict Resolution Specialist
  • Specialist in Paralegal
  • Congressional Staffer Position

Further job prospects for LLB students

  • Ombudsperson
  • Career as Consumer Safety Officer
  • Job of Patent Examiner
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Job of Legislator
  • Corporate Ethics Officer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Job of Law Editor
  • Political Advisor
  • Employee Benefits Manager
  • Procurement Analyst
  • environmental impact law analyst
  • Specialist in Public Affairs
  • Media Law Specialist


If you have completed your LLB studies, you can work as an environmental protection specialist, a resource manager, a financial adviser, a social worker, a foreign affairs officer, or a tax advisor. You can pursue a career in health or as a medical administrator, work in trade policy analysis or as a specialist in human resources, or find employment in tribal operations and become an expert in this sector. These LLB graduates have a variety of career options, including those as coordinators, immigration specialists, victim advocates, and human rights officers. For LLB students, positions as a research specialist, intelligence officer, or analyst are also available.


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