If you have done I.com, then you must be looking for Which courses are best after 12th commerce. So for your ease, we have compiled the courses that are best after 12th commerce in Pakistan. 

These are degree programs that you can opt for if you want to study commerce further. In the end, we have some suggestions for diplomas if you do not want to study for years of programs. 

  1. Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) 2yrs

The most basic course you can take either from a college or private is B.com of 2years. Many people choose B.com after the 12th because it is based on annual board examinations and can be taken privately if you are doing a job alongside. This course is available in any college across Pakistan. You will study commerce-related subjects at a bit advanced level along with compulsory subjects. 

  1. Bachelors of Commerce (Hons) 4yrs 

B.Com (Hons) is a 4yr degree program based on a semester system. It is equivalent to a master’s in commerce. In 4years you get to study more than 30+ commerce-related subjects. Due to semesters being 4 or 6 months long and in each you get new subjects, you will be able to get more knowledge about the commerce field. Another advantage of choosing this field is that you can get a job as a bank cashier, finance executive, and in related fields. 

  1. Bachelors in Economics 4yrs

Economists are needed all around as they contribute to financial systems. You can choose Bachelors in Economics of 4years after your I.com. You get to study the economic system, stocks, funds, and much more. With this degree, you can get jobs in both the private and public sectors. Banks, stock markets, insurance, and financial companies are always looking for hiring Economists to analyze data and trends.   

  1. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) 4yrs

BBA is the most common and useful field to choose after I.com in Pakistan. It has a duration of 4 years and students study plenty of different business-related subjects such as HR, finance, marketing, economics, business communication, accounting, calculus, stats, and many more. After studying this degree program, you can get a job in any multinational company or telecom company, or bank. 

Business Administration

  1. ACCA 4-6yrs

ACCA program awards you global certification in accounting. It is a highly acclaimed course that requires certain criteria for students to be eligible for the exams. The affiliated colleges then conduct exams,, and the result is ranked nationally or globally. So to register yourself in ACCA you just need to go to an affiliated college. Due to its global reach, it opens opportunities for you in other countries at a high pay scale but may take time to pass the exams. 

  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA) 5yrs

Chartered Accountant is a rigorous and most prestigious program for commerce students. It is highly recognized and also able to land you a highly paid job. Over the course of 5 years, students take different certification exams while practicing in a firm. Both go side by side for better practice. At the end of the course, the students are awarded a degree by The Institute of Chartered Accountants. Many countries accept the CA, but some don’t, and they prefer ACCA.  

Other fields besides commerce

Bachelors of Law (LL.B)

If you do not manage to get admission in the above programs because the merit was high, then you can opt for Law. With your knowledge of commerce, you can become a sales or income tax lawyer. You can study LLB at any private or public university in Pakistan. 

Diplomas in Commerce Fields 

Diploma in Accounting and Finance 

The diploma in accounting and finance has been quite popular with people who do not study for degrees. This is because it allows them to get basic knowledge in a specific field and land a job as a cashier or accountant in a bank. 

Diploma in Human Resources 

HR positions are quite a in demand. Just by doing the diploma, you can land a job as an Assistant HR manager, HR manager, and relationship manager in any public or private company. 

Diploma in Banking 

With this diploma in Banking, you can land many banking-related jobs at a suitable salary. It covers a wide range of positions and educates you in each. 


Diploma in Marketing 

Last but not least, diploma in marketing. The most demanding position in the market right now is marketing specialists. Companies from every factor look for a marketer for their services or products. By doing the diploma in marketing, you can easily get a job in a private company starting from basic and soaring high pay.