The growing up age is a stunning time in everybody’s life. Venturing into adulthood and not so much knowing yourself and exploring your own character is a momentous period of life. What Type of Student Are You? It is a joyful age where you need to work at your own pace and comprehend things just by your own comprehension. In a university, there are different types of university students that come together to study.

Types of Lecturers You’ll Encounter in University

As students move on from colleges and entered into university and adulthood, they start to meet new, and sometimes unconventional characters and people. After all, the university is a place that brings people from various different backgrounds together – weaving paramount encounters that endure forever.

While you may meet many individual students all through your college years, you will most likely meet a few common characters There’s no uncertainty that each individual is unique in their own specific manner, but walk into every classroom, and you’re bound to find these types of students

What Type of Student Are You?

1) The Gossip Addict

This individual fundamentally feeds off of any bit of news or rumor flying around. He or she – because yes, there are some major gossip dudes out there – will become the go-to person if you ever feel like you’re out of touch with social happenings. 

What Type of Student Are You?

Be warned though, they will spread any information they can extract from you. It is their way of thriving and surviving. So take care not to mention anything of importance near this creature.  Keep your friends close, and your gossipers closer. 

2) Curve Breaker

Their names are always on the Dean’s List, with that very high CGPA and A’s they have scored in their exams. You’re ignorant regarding why they even exist or what their mom fed them as babies as children. If you have seen that, there are fundamentally two sorts of them: genius and super-duper hard-working type.  Virtuoso type is quick learners, they can undoubtedly take in all that instructors have educated in class; the super-duper hard-working is even more incredible, a day without doing revision is a wasted day for them.

3) Hand Raiser

Admit it! They’re splendid but sometimes they can be irritating. As opposed to posing provocative questions, they are so so keen on asking questions that don’t bode well at all or have just been addressed before. Before the finish of the semester, you don’t have to glance around, as you definitely know whose voice it precisely is.

Types Of Student

4) Latecomer

They tend to show up only after 15 minutes the class starts, holding a Starbucks cup on their hand and sneaks in like no one at any point saw them. Also, throughout the entire semester, you will understand that these incessant latecomers have rarely been punctual to class, despite the fact that they are already in the campus before class even started.

5) The Resurrected

You scarcely meet them once or twice in the campus area, and whenever you do, there must be a significant occasion occurring in the university, similar to the last exams of the year or introduction day for example. It’s to be expected at all if you happen to discover the number of people attending the class is lesser than it should be due to the existence of these classmates.

6) Party Animal

When it goes to their gathering time, they become very vigorous. Every day is Friday to them as long as there are parties. What’s more, if there’s a morning class on the following day, you barely observe them turn up as they will mostly experience the ill effects of the headache from the hangover last night. But the beneficial thing is, they can be the life of the party or an incredible gathering organizer.   

7) Teacher’s pet

They are the lecturers’ favorites. You regularly find them sitting in the first row, and they could never botch any opportunity to react to the teacher’s question. They will in general show up along with the teacher before class or remain for a few moments after class, either giving feedback to the lecturer regarding the lecture for that particular day or gossiping about other stuff.

8) Loner

Types Of Student

Ever encountered that clumsy moment when you can scarcely review the name and even the presence of that “introverted” fellow that was in a similar class with you? Antisocial people infrequently talk (some of them really converse with themselves), and consistently seat at the corner of the classroom, just to evade any type of social connection.

9) Natural Leader

Natural Leaders have an inherent ability to stand out like a sore thumb. They generally have smart thoughts and expertise to draw in people. They are incredible examples to follow. That is the reason students and educators truly adore Natural Leaders. Or hate them.

10)  The Fashionista

This individual considers school to be a fashion runway. While many students may pick a similar sweater 3 days a week, fashion star changes outfits more frequently. 

In many cases, you begrudge this individual, as they somehow find the time to look photoshoot ready and still make it to class on time …  As for you? Well, you’re the one struggling to get out of bed. 

11) The “forever Stressed” One

Now this individual always seems to have a ceaseless list of things to do, at all times and at every place. They generally appear to mull over how much work they have, how brief period they need to complete that work, and how they can’t adapt to all the pressure.   

However, what makes you dubious about this individual is that they always tend to finish they’re assignments and work before deadlines.  

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