BS Operation Theater

This article is comprehensively designed to provide and give knowledge to students who want to enroll in the degree of BS operation theater technology. If you want to become an Operation Theatre Technician, then this article will give you concise course details, different courses, and career scope details related to a degree.

In Pakistan, students conduct this degree to get a job because it is a job-oriented degree. Different variants of this course are available such as Operation Theatre Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Operation Theatre Management, Operation Theatre Techniques, and Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology.

BS Operation Theatre

Who are Operation Theatre Technicians?

Operation Theatre Technicians are healthcare professionals. They are the ones who is responsible to perform different duties such as

  • They assist doctors in Surgery
  • They are responsible for arranging surgical equipment
  • They sterilizing instrumentation before surgery
  • They also take care of anesthesia equipment.
  • Plus they carry out the commands of surgeons

Where do they serve?

OT Technicians serve in hospitals, Intensive care units, and the Emergency Department. Operation theater technicians are basically a team that is concerned about the doctors, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals.

There are many universities that offer this degree, each university has a different process and criteria to apply. The University of Faisalabad offers a BS in Operation theatre technology.

Operation Theatre Technician degree

The objective of Bs in Operation Theatre courses are:

  • students get knowledge of skills of handling operation theatre rooms for the effective and safe care of operation procedures.
  • Demonstrate relative knowledge and understanding of vital parameters to be maintained during respective operations
  • Skills to access, analyze and evaluate the information gathered during the treatment.
  • Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities in inpatient care.

Courses offered by the University of Faisalabad:

  • Introduction to computing
  • Introduction Physiology
  • General Pathology
  • Applied Physiology
  • Systemic Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Care
  • General Pharmacology
  • Introduction to Anesthesia and Technology
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Surgical Instruments and Sterilization
  • Anesthesia Equipment
  • Clinical Psychology
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Medical equipment handling
  • Operating Room Design and Environment
  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Operating Room Techniques
  • The practice of OT Technology

Career opportunities bring by BS in Operation theatre technology:

Students are pity much concerned about when they complete their degree which kind of job options are available for them. A career in Operation Theatre Technology brings lots of job options to meet the growing demand of the experts in the field.

Operation Theatre technology program is one of the new and upcoming fields of interest when it comes to professional programs and course work. The more astute and nuanced medical sciences fields are becoming, there is a requirement for more professionals in the field.

Career opportunities bring by BS in Operation theatre technology

Let’s now discuss the scope of operation theatre technology but before that what are the criteria to apply for it. The interested candidates who want to begin their journey in this field must have FSC degree in the field of medicine. The whole degree consists of three years of coursework. In order to take admission in the B.S degree, most of the universities have entrance exams.

Now simply discuss the scope of Operation Theatre 

There are many private and government centers and facilities that require operating theatre technicians. The operation theatre technicians can also appear for higher examinations, to serve as educators and instructors. If we simply discuss the OT technician’s primary job, an OT Technician is in charge of operation theatre who is responsible to handle equipment as well as handling the equipment with care and caution, etc. Operation Theatre Technologists are required across all hospitals who conduct surgeries namely:

  • Urology
  • Neurosurgery
  • General Surgery 
  • Gynecology Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery

Profession pursues after OT technology degree:

Operation Theatre Technician: This is the first profession that is opened for students. OT Technician deals with the handling of lab equipment and the maintenance procedure done by the lab. These professionals work in the operating theatres, ICUs, and emergency departments of the hospitals.

Associate consultants: This is the second profession that is opened after the completion of the degree. The Associate consultants provide services to the clients and they are also responsible to support the chief consultants by leading the project.

Anesthetist consultants: Anesthetist consultants is also one of the options open after you. Anesthetic consultants advise the right anesthesia level and dosage for the patient during the procedure or surgery.

Lab Technicians: Lab Technicians are basically responsible to handle and manage the lab equipment and maintenance phase of the lab.
Operation Theater


BS Operation Theater Technology is one of the degrees which is getting popular day by day. This is one of the best job-oriented degrees because it brings lots of job options for students. There are many universities that are offering this degree in Pakistan, select the best university for you. The University of Faisalabad is one of the best universities in Faisalabad that is offering this degree. For details, you can visit the link below.