Medical and engineering are the customary fields in Pakistan. The rise of so many fields in the world has not influenced the extent of engineering like electric engineering. Civil engineers assume a significant job in our society, planning, building, and regulating foundation undertakings. Career Prospects of Civil Engineering is very important to define so newcomers select this field as a career. 

Civil Engineers design and oversee different engineering ventures. These activities comprise of roads, bridges, pipelines, and other infrastructure plans. The Career Prospects of Civil Engineering is bright and the job is difficult and burdensome. They are employed by development and maintenance companies, transport sector firms, and other civil engineering services.

In this job sphere, you meet and discuss with customers, conduct area surveys, design, and present blueprints compute capital, examine the future impacts of the project on the environment, and make viable wellbeing and solid estimations in regards to the task work. 

A civil engineer can create essential abilities and knowledge in different areas of this activity. Such subjects incorporate transportation, dams, pipeline, sewerage, roads, and other infrastructural components.

1. Career in Civil Engineering in Pakistan

Career in Civil Engineering in Pakistan
  • Plan and design the project by analyzing  the survey reports and other data
  • Plan the project by estimating costs, safety procedures, Government rules, and other factors.
  • Test soils to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations
  • Test and determine the best building materials, such as concrete or steel
  • Provide cost estimates for materials, equipment, or labour to determine a project’s economic feasibility
  • Use design software to plan and design all the elements of a building or a project ie transportation systems, hydraulic systems, and structures

2. Civil Engineering  Jobs

  • Contractors and consultants companies
  • Buildings and construction companies
  • Airports industry
  • Bridges industry
  • Highways agencies
  • Railway industry
  • Environmental industry
  • Geotechnical companies
  • Coastal and marine industries
  • Energy and power plant industries
  • Tunneling industry
  • Water and public health companies

3. Related Fields of Civil Engineering

  • Building & Architectural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Water Resources Engineering & Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Water Resource Management
  • Architectural Engineering (Somehow related)

4. Job Opportunities for a Civil Engineer in Pakistan

The Career Prospects of Civil Engineering is very high in Pakistan. Demand is getting higher and higher with the increasing investment in housing projects and town schemes like Bahria Town, DHA, and other societies. In addition to these, CPEC and other big foreign projects have increased the demands of new buildings, airports, transportation, and road infrastructure which is directly linked with Civil Engineering.

  • Consultant Civil Engineer
  • Contractor Civil Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Marine Engineer
  • Contractor
  • Quality Control Engineer

5. Polish Your Skills at TUF

To develop high-quality civil engineers having a futuristic approach with qualities of leadership, professionalism, and teamwork, through innovative and research-oriented education for sustainable socio-economic development, The University of Faisalabad is working hard.

Scope of Civil Engineering In Pakistan

The civil engineering department created in 2015 with prior approval from PEC and is located in Amin Campus. The Department is fully equipped with the state of the art laboratories, classrooms, and allied infrastructure. We have dedicated faculty in accordance with the requirements of the Department and per standards set out by the HEC/PEC.