Before going into details of my The Study Experience at TUF, let me introduce The University of Faisalabad, which boasts a good reputation for scientific research, an international atmosphere, and a stimulating learning environment with the opportunity to experience life at one of the major cities of Pakistan, Faisalabad.

The University of Faisalabad is approved as a degree-awarding University by the Government of the Punjab, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department vide Punjab Ordinance No LX of 2002. The Governor of Punjab is the patron of the University.

The Study Experience at TUF

Milestones Achieved By TUF

  • University placed in category ‘W’ by HEC
  • 23 Constituent Schools/Colleges
  • More than 45 multidisciplinary programs.
  • Over 6259 strong body of  students
  • Madinah Teaching Hospital (650 bed) established
  •  “FM TUFIANS 96.6” Educational Radio Channel of the University
  • TUF declared as ‘Smoke and Drug-Free Institution by the Drug Advisory Training Hub (DATH)

I came to TUF 4 years ago as an MS student majoring in computational sciences Coming from Lahore, I was nervous about adjusting to a new environment but I was also excited about the opportunities available.  I had heard positive stories about TUF from senior students who completed their studies in different science and engineering schools.  


Additionally, The exciting computational curriculum, global experiential learning opportunities and the possibilities of being able to learn outside the classroom were what attracted me to study at the TUF.

The university advocates learning through activity. I remember as a freshman being encouraged to try different kinds of research.  This helped me to make sense of the sort of issues I was generally keen on tackling, and furthermore and also provided my first hands-on experience as a future researcher.

Milestones Achieved By TUF

The degree program offered by TUF’s School of Computational Sciences paves the way to suit the needs of students and transform them into professionals, keeping in view the technical requirements of I.T & Software Industry and services in institutions. As a student in the School of Computational Sciences, I came across many opportunities to expand my intellectual horizons through interactive lecture series and innovative projects in advanced courses.

TUF Labs
Just like other schools, TUF’s School of Computational Sciences offers TUF’s School offers well-equipped facilities to polish your skkills

TUF is a research-intensive university that offers students a good grounding to develop their own educational paths.  If you have no interest in research, so I have good news for you that our professors demonstrate how enjoyable research is and motivates everybody, making jokes and through different fun activities. Every day is fun and this close contact with your professor and fellow students in your research group is a great aspect of TUF.

Research At Tuf

As a researcher, I’ve been supported not just by the people around me but also by the well-equipped facilities. I remember spending almost a semester learning to use all the equipment in my laboratory alone. University life is not just about the work we do in class, it is also about the friends and contributions we make in the community. As a student, I appreciate TUF’s large, diverse population.

The more time I spend at The University of Faisalabad the more I want my research to make an impact in the future. My time here has developed my research skills and inspired me to be a better person. TUF is unique in that we have a diverse student population on campus. With students and faculty members coming from other cities, there are a lot of opportunities for students to share ideas and interact with professors and students from different cultures.


For me, apart from the diversity of viewpoints and ideas, the dynamism in conducting research at the TUF  has enabled me to appreciate science from different standpoints. Most importantly, I’ve always wanted to be at the forefront of science and to pursue a transformative education. At TUF, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Even as an MS student, I have many opportunities to interact with professors and research fellows from all over the globe.

My experience as a TUFIAN has, overall, been positive; any challenges I meet are outside the academic programme, namely affordable housing and the general cost of living.  as Faisalabad hosts many students, interns at international organizations and young professionals in mobility, finding a place to stay is a time- and money-consuming process, but thanks to TUF who solved my tension by providing an amazing and unforgettable opportunity to enjoy a healthy hostel life.

play time

University support: As mentioned before, The University of Faisalabad has a very efficient administration structure that goes beyond the enrolment procedure.  The skilled staff was likewise extremely supportive with issues to do official documents, for example, the residence permit and other procedural issues. Well ahead of time of my appearance they had furnished me with practical information and direction, including lists of student residences and particular renting rooms to apply to.

Upon arrival, we were invited and appropriately guided through well-organized orientation days, informative sessions, as well as language-advancing courses. 

The academic experience: throughout my study period, I mostly appreciated courses and classes being interactive and not purely theoretical. The professors, either locals or internationals – were very renowned and highly esteemed in their field.


Security: Safety and security are a priority on campus. Card access and cameras in the residence halls – along with Campus Safety and Residence Life staff available 24 hours each day, seven days a week – help you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Extra support: TUF is a transitional time and, while it will be incredibly enriching, there will be times when you feel challenged. Live with people who are going through the same experiences as you, and know that the Residence Life staff (who live in community with you) are always available for assistance, advice or just to talk.

TUF is a transitional

Connections: There are so many ways to get involved and stay connected. From clubs and organizations to intramurals and club sports, to student leadership positions and service/volunteer opportunities, we have something for everyone!


Last Words:

Don’t just go to TUF— be TUFIAN! This is a unique time in your life, where else can you experience new cultures, new friendships, and live in a supportive community rich with new and diverse ways of viewing the world?

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