Your happiness relies upon how you see yourself, what you want from life, and Myths about Happiness. But you have to know yourself. What kind of individual are you? What satisfies you? Do you realize how to make yourself more joyful?

When you’re confronted with the transition, change and disturbance, happiness can feel absurd. I believe it’s there to be found, but not in the way you might believe it can be.

the happiness myth

Have you ever wondered why few people remain more joyful despite having limited means to enjoy the good things in life? The secret may lie in having more grey matter mass in a brain region, according to new research.

People who feel happiness more strongly, and are progressively ready to discover significance in life have a bigger precuneus — a region in the medial parietal lobe that becomes active when experiencing the consciousness, the findings showed.

Years and years of research on the study of happiness shows that there’s a major difference between what you think will make you glad and what really satisfies you.  The University of California’s psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, shared the different myths of happiness that people have convinced themselves are true in her book titled, The Myths of Happiness.

Myths about Happiness

MYTH # 1 Happy People Live Longer

How Happy Are You? Debunking Myths about Happiness

Being glad won’t really broaden your life, as indicated by a study in the Lancet, which found that healthy participants who said they were despondent had no expanded danger of death over the individuals who detailed being more joyful in general. Good news for the cheery: Other research shows that an inspirational standpoint can assist people with overseeing incessant sicknesses, for example, diabetes.   

MYTH # 2 Your ‘Dream Job’ Will Make You Happier At Work

People adapt to all new experiences, thus any happiness from a new workplace will probably fade with time. If you’ve gained responsibility, your expectations and aspirations will increase too, which can detract from happiness.

MYTH # 3 The Right Marriage Will Provide Endless Happiness

The average individual gets a boost in happiness when the person in question gets hitched, but this only lasts for about two years. After that, the former newlywed returns to their happiness level before the commitment.   

MYTH #5 A Bigger House Will Boost Your Happiness

If that super square foot home means you need to take out a scarcely reasonable mortgage, it may not give as much delight as you’d trust. Research shows that disposing of negative encounters (like, stress-related with obligation) makes you three to five times more glad than making a positive encounter (like, spending too much on something).  

The Myths of Happiness

MYTH #6 Once You Hit a Certain Age, Your Best Years Are Behind You

Although most people believe that happiness decays with age, Lyubomirsky says this couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth. Three recent studies showed that the peak of positive emotional experience occurred at age 64, 65, and 79.

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