What is dental technology?

TUF (The University of Faisalabad) able their medical students who want to become a successful dentist in future. Dental technicians manufacture and repair dental equipment, such as false teeth, crowns, bridges, implants or braces. Dentists use these tools to change or improve their teeth, speech, appearance or ability to chew.  As we all know eating delicious food and enjoying good communication while maintaining good oral health is our primary pleasure, and it is essential for maintaining our physical health. In addition, the arrangement and colour of the teeth can affect their personal character and social activity. In this sense, dentistry is closely linked to the health of our minds and bodies. 

Most patients ‘ complaints to their doctors such as adultery with a good mother, dental caries cannot be removed or a good appearance cannot be satisfied not only with the treatment of these diseases but also with the restoration of proper dental function and rude appearance. Since the treatment cannot be said to be complete until the patient is satisfied, the role of the dental technician is important in the development of such satisfactory dental products, and the outcome of the treatment depends on this skill. 

I just think that dentists usually do is whitening teeth and straightening out teeth to make the smile look better. The fact about dentistry is that many people, even young people may need teeth treatment for a variety of teeth issues and they may have some reasons to visit a dentist. Tooth decay, dental disease, severe injury, or developmental defects affect more than just the elderly, and dental treatment is often treated as treatment.

What is Clinical Dental Technology

What is Clinical Dental Technology?

TUF also has a degree for Clinical Dental Technicians which is registered by dental care professionals who are well trained and highly qualified to provide direct dental services to patients. Clinical dental technicians undergo rigorous training and evaluation. With many years of experience working as a dental technician, CDT requires advanced technical and clinical expertise to carefully design and prepare each tooth according to the patient’s individual needs. Clinical dental technicians undergo rigorous training and evaluation. 

Every clinical dental technician listed at TUF (THE University of Faisalabad) has the credentials, well qualifications and good registration with the General Dental Council that allows them to work directly with patients. A dentist from TUF will be able to dental technicians manufacture and repair dental equipment, such as false teeth, crowns, bridges, implants or braces. Every dentist uses these tools to change or improve their teeth, speech, appearance or ability to chew. Clinical Dental Technology from TUF practices performed by the second grade students, they also take charge of laboratory works on the patient cases from the attached hospital and have great experience in practical dental care spots. 

A large number of talented technicians have been produced so far and TUF is very contributing to dentistry and education. The Clinical Dental Technician will explain the different types of teeth available and the technical procedures involved so that you can make informed choices about your treatment. A clinical dentist of TUF is able to find the difference between normal and abnormal effects of aging, especially related to your tooth loss.

dental technology Salary in Pakistan


What is The Scope of Dentistry in Pakistan?


The scope of BS dentistry is always growing day by day. As the population grows very fast the need for dentists also increases in Pakistan and all over the world. You can see a dentist for poor hygiene and gum issues. Developing cities like Pakistan need more dentists. Pakistan needs dentistry experts from TUF (The University of Faisalabad) .Pakistan also needs ordinary teeth for its successful nation. It also requires dental surgeons and oral specialists. Because hospitals and private clinics are demanding high-quality teeth.TUF also has the ability of dentistry which is a huge field for women. This is a very authentic career option for women in Pakistan. I see dental clinics are also opening in small towns and cities. 

Of course, there is a huge scope for BDS in Pakistan. Although this is a second choice for medical students from TUF (The University of Faisalabad). But, it is easier to become a dentist than to become an MBBS doctor in Pakistan. BS dentistry is of high merit in Pakistan. Not every high school student is admitted to TUF because The University of Faisalabad has merit for admission. However, getting admitted is one thing. Along with pre-medical courses, 12th-grade graduates also need to understand their qualifications. Career counselling for 12th graders can increase your chances. 

What is The Scope of Dentistry in Pakistan

Salary in Pakistan 

The salary of a dentist depends upon some objectives like where do you work. It also depends on the size of the company or organization you work for Job demand. General dentist salary in Pakistan starts from 20,000 to 30,000 rupees in a month. Some hospitals are also paying 40,000 rupees monthly. The initial salary in government hospitals of Pakistan is 106,000 per month, which is assumed for the duty of the primary dentist after employment. The average salary for a general dentist is Rs. 600,000 in a year. This is the average monthly salary in Pakistan for a dentist who normally includes housing for them, transportation and other benefits for a good living. Dental patients have salaries vary greatly by their experience, their skills and gender or location.

Fee in TUF (The University of Faisalabad)

TUF is a good and unbeatable choice for your child if you want to see him to become a good and successful dentist in future. Care should be taken in choosing a career in a good University like TUF (The University of Faisalabad). Therefore, it is advisable to consult with career counselors of TUF. They will guide, validate and assist you in your future plans for those dreams which you are watching. The qualification of a dental technician from TUF can be obtained by completing certain subjects in a dental technician or a training ground and then passing the dental technician exam.TUF are proud of the full-time staff and the instructors’ dental department as well as world-class training facilities. The fees at the University of Faisalabad per semester is 499630.