Impact of covid 19 on education

Covid 19 pandemic has affected every area of life since its beginning. Millions of people died, thousands lost their jobs and schools closed down completely.  There are no right words to completely express the effect of the pandemic that brought upon us for a year and a half. 

Amidst of all, closing down schools affected greatly the educational system. At first, governments decided to temporarily close down but with the growing bad situation, everyone opted for online learning. Many exams were canceled or were taken online due to institute closures. People started homeschooling and attending online lectures. 

If you look around, online learning is quite common with zoom classrooms. However, it has affected the education system and students. Online learning is not for everybody. Students have complained about several issues and surveys have reported such issues in the masses. 

Schools were the best practice for students to learn social skills and raise awareness about the situations by actively participating in the class and organizing events. With the start of the pandemic, every activity has come to a halt. Students who used to have an active social life feel depressed while staying at home all day and barely interacting through screens. 

Learning has been severely affected by this pandemic. Students are unable to concentrate while listening through screens and are usually distracted by background work or connectivity issues. Moreover, they can only learn theory in online classes. Students with practical subjects such as chemistry, physics, computer science, and so on have a hard time learning and practicing. To sum it up Covid 19 has slowed down the educational sector just like others. 

According to surveys conducted in many countries, there has been quite a decline in literacy. In some third-world countries where the internet and laptop are a luxury, many poor cannot afford to get an education in such an away. Pandemic has taken a chance from then to get basic education and confined them in their homes. 

How are we dealing with the pandemic impact on education

To make e-learning more effective and conform Impact of covid 19 on education, UNESCO and the Education Minister of Pakistan have been coming up with recommendations. 

How are we dealing with the pandemic impact on education


  • They encourage teachers to examine the readiness of their lectures and decide on the most relevant tools that every student can get for better understanding. 
  • It has been the duty of schools and teachers to ensure that their students have accessibility to online learning tools and platforms. They should consider donating their electronic devices in small groups or for the neediest. 
  • Plan the study schedules and material beforehand, so students have a school-like timetable and manage to organize their day. 
  • Every teacher is given guidelines that they use to develop online learning rules and monitor their students whether they are understanding the material. 
  • Everyone should take a chance to connect with each other virtually in order to maintain human interaction and check up on each other. Life in a pandemic is quite depressing for people, so it is important to help each other. 

I hope you can understand Impact of covid 19 on education