In this world Embracing the Power of Solitude, everyone has a phone in their grasp and a word all the rage, there is likewise no distinction among loneliness and solitude. The lonely, everyone accepts, are the individuals who are alone, who can’t or don’t encircle themselves with gaggles of relatives, companions, associates and, acquaintances and, in the case of the wealthy, random hangers-on. It is stupid if dearly beloved, a misconception.

Loneliness, obviously, has nothing at all to do with solitude. There are a lot of lonely human beings in crowds, in homes loaded with mother, fathers and kids. Loneliness is certifiably not a physical condition, it is a mental one, many millions in the country are afflicted and alone. Loneliness isn’t picked and it can’t be treated by the consistent nearness of others.

Solitude is different; it is chosen and it is conscious. It points to the truth that getting beyond the pettiness of daily life, its irksome and soul-searing demands, requires a retreat into the self and often into silence. All that the constant traffic of life imposes must, even if for a few seconds, be pushed aside. The focus must thus be turned inward, to a reckoning with the self, a conversation about what is truly necessary and what is in large part generated by the greed for consumption or the desire to be envied, watched and admired.

Embracing the Power of Solitude

In other words, when people remove themselves from the social context of their lives, they are better able to see how they’re shaped by that context.
Think for a minute about what complete silence sounds like. when individuals expel themselves from the social context of their lives, they are better able to perceive how they’re formed by that context.

Envision that you are standing out in the middle of a wide-open field on a day when there is no wind or even slight breeze to blow the grass. You are so distant from society that you can’t hear a vehicle, a voice, a phone warning, and there are no planes overhead. It is totally and absolutely quiet. Silence also allows you to get in touch with your body and health. When you shut out the noise of the world around you then you can start to “hear” what’s going on inside of you. You will be able to notice how events are impacting your mental health and physical health.

I am sharing my own experience that how I unlocked the power of solitude. It was 2017 when I felt lost and I had completely shut myself tight. I got so habitual to the sentiment of being lost that I finally segregated myself from everyone. I wouldn’t meet my companions, I wouldn’t converse with my family and spent most of my days locked inside my room.

This was the time in my life that I gravely required solitude. I expected to reconnect with myself so I could make sense of what I genuinely needed throughout everyday life and figure out what I truly wanted in life and determine what really mattered.

My involvement in solitude has led me to believe in its power. I discovered comfort(and still do) in solitude. Here are the advantages of solitude that I found:

Embracing the Power of Solitude

Clarity: This is perhaps the most useful and important benefit of solitude. When I embraced the power of solitude I had lesser things to worry about. Sure, I had my responsibilities and duties but none of those were welcomed in my alone time. I found mental clarity in my alone time.

When I had the time to myself I didn’t need to focus on anything else, this empowered me to think clearly and to filter and organize my priorities according to their level of urgency. I didn’t feel lost anymore. My thinking pattern and thought process wasn’t foggy anymore. I was clear about what I wanted and what I didn’t want.

Freedom: I now had created a judgment-free zone. A place where I didn’t have to think twice before doing something. I could do whatever I wanted without the fear of being criticized or judged.


Being comfortable in my own skin: When you are able to escape from the “noise” of life and the opinions of others you are able to tap into your inner self. This allows you to connect with yourself and process through your ideas. It can bring out a level of creativity that you most likely wouldn’t experience if you never take the time to be alone.

Gratitude: This was the hardest but the most valuable gifts of solitude. When I spent my time alone I could reflect on all the things I had more clarity. I learned that every time we complain about something we take for granted all that we already have. Once I started seeing the simple pleasures of life I realized how much I had to be thankful for and how ungrateful I had been. The more I expressed gratitude the happier I became.


Better relations: There is some truth to that old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” When you are better in touch with yourself it makes you better for those that you are in a relationship with as well. And, if you are used to always being together, a little time alone can remind you of how much you enjoy the time with that person.

Self-reliability: Because I was focusing so much on myself. I spent a good amount of energy and time to become self-reliable. I was shocked by the amount of work I could do myself without anybody’s help.

That’s why it’s important that you have time alone with yourself, so you can stay in touch with who you are, what you believe, and what you like. Decisions that you make when you are alone won’t be as easily influenced by other people in your life.

Inner Peace: Not only was this gift rewarding but much needed. Once I became comfortable being alone I was at peace. I was at peace because I knew that I had achieved something that could not be taken away from me. I was now accustomed to being alone and enjoyed the benefits it provided.

How to Find Solitude?

Finding time to escape alone and experience solitude and silence might feel impossible in this busy world, but if you are intentional it can be done. If your schedule and budget allow, you could go away for a weekend alone to a quiet destination. But there are other ways you can experience this in smaller portions:

  • Go hiking alone at a local park
  • Wake up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later than the other members of your house.
  • Spend your lunch break alone
  • Go on a retreat

Studies have found that those who are comfortable being alone with themselves in silence are happier overall and have better mental health. This is a learned skill that might not come easily to you even though it sounds like it should. If you have questions or find that you struggle with your inner thoughts when you are alone, reach out to a local therapist to get to the root of the problem.