Competitive Exams in Pakistan

Nowadays, the doorway to the best academic institutes is not straightforward. Instead, it requires much hard work and dedication. Competitive Exams in Pakistan are designed to judge your talent and to test your management and planning skills. Therefore, the whole concept of competitive exams is solely based on intelligent work and strategic thinking. You can also learn about how to prepare exams tips

Mentioned below are the advantages of competitive exams:

  • Exposure to competition sharpens the skills and builds confidence which raise your level. These exams enhance applying concepts required in a broader context while appearing in exams like civil services and many others.
  • These exams develop logical and analytical thinking and sharpen your IQ and build a foundation for your career.
  • They open the doors for entrance in foreign universities.
  • Competitive exams help out in career selection as the student can identify the areas of interest while getting a more profound subject knowledge.
  • Scholarships and awards provide financial assistance in studies and spark morale while moving ahead in studies.

Students wanting to start the higher education journey or start their career must be familiar with competitive exams. For better understanding, below is the list of competitive exams in Pakistan :


CSS stands for Central Superior Services Exam. FPSC conducts it

( Federal Public Service Commission). Islamabad for the recruitment of candidates to posts (BS-17) in the following services under the Federal Government:


  1. Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  2. Military Lands and Cantonments Group
  3. Office Management Group
  4. Postal Services Group
  5. Police Services of Pakistan
  6. Information Group
  7. Income Tax group
  8. Foreign Service of Pakistan
  9. District Management Group
  10. Customs and Excise Services
  11. Commerce and Trade Services
  12. CSS Exam consists of four parts, i.e., written test, Medical test, Psychological test, and Viva Voce.


Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is the perpetual federal firm that manages the Government’s director, enlist the public attendant and look after the ratifications in the charter. FPSC conduct exams and interviews as per selection eligibility criteria.

It deals with federal services rules and posts related to federation affairs, including employer setup, authorities under laws or button organization. It also identifies the techniques and capabilities about president matters, for which it conduct exams and interviews as per selection eligibility criteria for specialized posts and administrations.


Candidates have to clear the Provincial Management Service test, including written and psychological examination and interview, to offer a first-class officer government job. The officer passing this test is called a PMS officer.

PMS is a competitive exam conducted by the provincial Government through its commissions, namely:

  • PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission)
  • SPSC ( Sindh Public Service Commission)
  • BPSC (Balochistan Public Service Commission
  • KPSC (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission
  • AJKPSC (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission)

PMS exam

These bodies conduct tests, interviews and exams for recruitment to such posts under a corporation or organizational set up by the Government under any law, as may be prescribed or advise the Government on matters relating to terms and conditions of service members associated with Provincial Service.

These commissions uphold the policies, standards, rules and guidelines governing the selection process, implement the rule-based selection criteria to ensure an equal and fair opportunity to all candidates provincially. In addition, these commissions render advice to the Government, where necessary, on methodologies of recruitment, on policies, processes and selection criteria to ensure an efficient selection process and eventually to attract the best possible human resources for all posts.

Judiciary (Asst/ Addl Public Prosecutor Exams)

The Public Prosecution Department provides prosecutors with the assistance of members and Judges. In addition, the public prosecution department recruits candidates against vacant seats of assistant district public prosecutors (ADPP).

Close up lawyer businessman working or reading lawbook in office workplace for consultant lawyer concept.

Close up lawyer businessman working or reading lawbook in office workplace for consultant lawyer concept.

The Public Prosecution Department was established to formulate the Punjab Criminal Prosecution service structure fundamentally, a governing body responsible for administration, recruitment BPS-16 and above (officers, prosecutors and staff). The test results in the selection of capable candidates who professionally contribute in capacity building, bringing offenders to justice, ensuring a fair trial, assessing performance and improving the work environment.

Bank Exams 

The State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation hires suitable candidates for the posts of Officer Grade (OD-1).

This organization is a wholly-owned operational arm and subsidiary of State Bank of Pakistan, which engage in managing foreign exchange operations and currency, providing banking services to financial institutions, Government and the general public, implementing refinance scheme of export, conducting activities related to finance development, performing agency functions like prize money draws, sale/purchase of prize bonds, national saving instruments etc.

Bank Exams


The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is the Intelligence Agency of Pakistan, operationally responsible for processing and analyzing information relevant to national Security. from around the world. ISI obtains critical information related to the country’s strategic interests, adopting both covert and overt means. In addition, ISI deals with psychological warfare, sabotage, espionage, subversion, and it spies against the enemy’s intelligence collection.

ISI test

Recruitment and training:

Both the members of the armed forces and civilians can join ISI. Recruitment is advertised and jointly handled by the Federal Public Services Commission, and these ISI agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defence.

The exams conducted are for testing the candidate’s analytical abilities, knowledge of current affairs and English. Based on the results, FPSC sends the shortlisted candidates to ISI, who further work on background checks. Next, selected candidates go through the interview process conducted by a committee comprising both FPSC and ISI officials. Finally, selected persons are sent to DSIA (Defence Services Intelligence Academy) for training. Later, these officers are transferred for open-source information. After serving for five years, they are entrusted with sensitive jobs in the following departments.

Recruitment and training

  • Covert Action Division
  • Joint Intelligence X
  • Joint Intelligence Bureau
  • Joint Counterintelligence Bureau
  • Joint Intelligence North
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous
  • Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau
  • Joint Intelligence Technical
  • SS Directorate
  • Political Internal Division


NTS administers assessments/tests to various Organizations and Institutions. These tests include admissions, scholarships, recruitment, promotions etc.

NTS offers two categories of tests, i.e., National tests and International tests

NTS exams

National Tests

  • Following are the national tests for catering to local needs.
  • National Aptitude Test for undergraduate program
  • GAT – General (Graduate Assessment Test-General)
  • GAT – Subject (Graduate Assessment Test-Subject)
  • LAW-GAT (Law Graduate Assessment Test)
  • NTDP (National Teachers Database Program)
  • MRCP (Medical Representatives Certification Program)
  • Customized Tests
  • E-marking

NTS offers international English language proficiency and behavioural tests as well including:

  • TOEIC L&R, S&W and S&W
  • WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit, Cognitive Ability, Career Development, Career Interest.
  • WorkFORCE® Training for Career Development, Cognitive Ability.
  • TFI (French Language Test)

Bank Exams

National MDCAT (National Medical and Dental College Admission Test) is a standardized test as a pre-requisite conducted each year for admissions in MBBS and BDS degree programs.


Engineering College Admission Test conducted each year for admission in Engineering degree programs. It is led by the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, as ECAT is a pre-requisite for pursuing an Engineering degree.

ECAT test

Tips to keep under consideration while preparing for competitive exams : 

  • Innovative learning : 

Choosing your study material wisely and smartly is the essential point to be kept in mind as it will prepare you for exams without wasting time and effort.

  • Distributive learning : 

Taking breaks is crucial as it helps the brain to work smoothly. You should avoid working on a continuous stretch.

  • Concept-based learning :

The aspirant preparing for any competitive exams should be aware of exam pattern, syllabus, and curriculum precisely, as it gives a clear idea of what you should give attention to and thus helping you to prepare for the entrance test in a planned manner.

  • Smart learning :

The ability to stand out from the crowd and the punch of uniqueness can guarantee success in this era of stiff competition. Aspirants should plan to work differently and effectively. One tip is to focus on general awareness and practising more.

  • Practical learning : 

Working hard for competitive exams is not the thing; instead, solving the mock test papers and judging your skill level is critical.